Jim Rizoli

Jim Rizoli is a U.S. film maker

Jim Rizoli goes over the famous Leuchter Report on the impossibilities of there being homicidal gas chambers in the camps during the so called Holocaust.

A short video interview with Ursula Haverbeck, who in the last few years has openly expressed her views on the Holocaust and as a consequence was tried in Germany  for “denial” and sentenced to pay several thousand euros in fines.

When did the Holocaust Legend begin in this country? Jim and Joe Rizoli look at the timeline.

Jim Rizoli and Diane King had the opportunity (Sep 2017) to add another important figure to the list of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY REVISIONISTS - Lady Michele Renouf, who so graciously consented to give them her story, and even with the length of the interview, they barely 'scratched the surface' of her life.

In this short clip, Jim Rizoli explains the ludicrous nonsense actually claimed by Holocaust hate propagandists in regard to the Treblinka camp. In the time period of about 8 months, about 900,000 Jews were killed by Co2 from U-Boat Engines, or by steam, or something and then their bodies were buried in big pits. Later on the Germans exhumed all the dead Jews, and burnt all the corpses, leaving no trace. So it happened, say the Holocaust hate propagandists, but all the evidence was destroyed. Typical lying Communist “evidence”.

In this 54 minute clip, the revisionist, David Cole answers questions from viewers of his previous clips. Those who rebut the “gas chambers” lie, come from all races and ethnic groups, although they are regularly portrayed as “Neo-Nazis”. David Cole, being Jewish (one among many) gives the lie to the Zionist claim that revisionists are simply right wing individuals in “denial”.