Jett Rucker

Jett Rucker was (really) born less than six months before V-E day in the United States. S/he represents him/herself as of either gender (but is not transgender) for security reasons. His/her spouse is in a profession that exposes him/her to retribution from people who oppose and punish Holocaust revisionism, hence all the vagueness. Rucker possesses an MBA degree from an Ivy League Institution and a CPA certificate from Michigan, and worked in accounting for 12 years before moving over to writing. S/he speaks, reads and writes French and German with near fluency and has relatives, long dead, who were Nazis, along with other relatives who served in the armed forces of the Allies fighting Germany in World War II. The scales fell from his/her eyes in 2010 and s/he has since been exposed to his/her neighbors via the Internet as a Holocaust revisionist, which has occasioned some awkwardness, particularly with the Jews among the neighbors, but all is peaceful.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
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