Bradley R. Smith

Bradley R. Smith was born in Los Angeles on February 18, 1930. At 18 he joined the army and in 1951 served with the infantry in Korea where he was twice wounded. After three decades of a variety of professional activities, it suddenly hit him: In 1979 he read a leaflet by Professor Robert Faurisson, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers." Then, Arthur Butz’s The Hoax of the Twentieth Century did it for him. He understood from the beginning that he would address the censorship, the suppression of independent thought, the taboo against publishing and debating revisionist arguments—not the arguments themselves. That has remained his position. In 1989 Smith founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) dedicated to defending free speech and free inquiry into the Holocaust question. He handed over CODOH's helm in late 2014, but keeps contributing.

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Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Smith's Report, no. 172 English 2010-01-05
Smith's Report, no. 173 English 2010-01-07
Smith's Report, no. 176 English 2010-11-01
Smith's Report, no. 174 English 2010-01-08
Smith's Report, no. 175 English 2010-09-01
Smith Interviews Robert Faurisson English 1983-01-09
Outlaw History #18, Congressman Tom Lantos, Elie Wiesel, and the Exploitation of the Auschwitz Story English 2004-12-16
Outlaw History #17, A "Profile" of Stephen Feinstein, Director the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS) University of Minnesota English 2004-12-07
Outlaw History #14, Paul Wolfowitz: the Blind Leading the Blind English 2004-11-26
God Bless the Hillel Rabbis English 2000-01-03
Outlaw History #40, On Outrage and the Outrageous English 2005-03-09
Simon Wiesenthal Screws "Life Magazine" and Three Young Germans English 1984-10-01
Los Angeles: Censorship by Intimidation and Arson, Local Press Afraid To Speak Out English 1984-10-01
Simon Wiesenthal Screws "USA Today" English 1984-10-01
Psychotic Blood Fantasies Plague Holocaust Cultist Elie Wiesel English 1984-10-01
Smith's Report no. 9, February/March 1992 English 1992-03-01
Smith's Report no. 10, July 1992 English 1992-07-01
Butz Book Banned in South Africa, Germany and Canada – The United States Next? English 1984-10-01
Simon Wiesenthal Screws Polish Survivor and Maybe about 1100 Other "War Criminals" English 1984-10-01
Outlaw History #34, Democracy and the Dresden Holocaust English 2005-01-26
Help run my "Eisenhower" ad in student newspapers at universities around the country English 2008-01-01
Men & Women, support CODOH today! English 2010-10-20
Interview with a Holocaust Revisionist (1990) English 1990-01-01
The Irrational Vocabulary of the American Professorial Class with Regard to the Holocaust Question English 2006-10-18
Libertarianism and Revisionism English 1998-07-23
The Campus Thought Police English 2000-01-01
"German Quarterly" Betrays American Ideal of a Free Press English 1984-10-01
Congressman Henry A. Waxman Hapless Ignoramous or Simple Putz? English 1984-10-01
Simon Wiesenthal Screws the "Los Angeles Herald Examiner" English 1984-10-01
Elie Wiesel Loves Crazy Yankiel Wiernik English 1984-10-01
Le controversie sull'Olocausto, É ora di un dibattito serio Italian 1991-01-01
FRAGMENTS:  Another Ordinary Life English 2013-02-15
Bishop Richard Williamson Fined for Holocaust Denial in Germany, Updates and Current Events English 2013-02-15
Smith's Report, no. 181 English 2011-05-01
Smith's Report, no. 180 English 2011-03-01
Smith's Report, no. 177 English 2010-12-01
Smith's Report, no. 179 English 2011-02-01
Smith's Report, no. 178 English 2011-01-01
"Prima Facie": Smith's Report no. 1, April/May 1990 English 1990-04-15
Smith's Report, no. 4, April 1991 English 1991-04-01

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