Bradley R. Smith

Bradley R. Smith was born in Los Angeles on February 18, 1930. At 18 he joined the army and in 1951 served with the infantry in Korea where he was twice wounded. After three decades of a variety of professional activities, it suddenly hit him: In 1979 he read a leaflet by Professor Robert Faurisson, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers." Then, Arthur Butz’s The Hoax of the Twentieth Century did it for him. He understood from the beginning that he would address the censorship, the suppression of independent thought, the taboo against publishing and debating revisionist arguments—not the arguments themselves. That has remained his position. In 1989 Smith founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) dedicated to defending free speech and free inquiry into the Holocaust question. He handed over CODOH's helm in late 2014, but keeps contributing.

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Documents by this author

Document Language Published
The Censorship Trial of Ernst Zündel: 1985 (1986) English 1986-01-01
Reading Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler And Me English 2009-09-16
Revisionist Notebook English 2003-08-01
Please help me run this ad in college newspapers English 2008-01-01
Smith's Report, no. 156, cover letter English 2008-12-24
The Last Word/s English 2013-09-28
Christmas 2013 And The Life Itself English 2013-12-07
Smith's Report, no. 136 English 2007-03-01
Outlaw History, An Introduction English 2004-08-08
Keeping Memory Alive for the Holocaust-Obsessed English 2012-11-12
News & Comments English 2012-11-12
Outlaw History #15, Daniel Pipes Warns Against "Zionism" on the American Campus English 2004-11-26
Outlaw History #28, Prince Harry to Be Punished, Father Says He Must View "Schindler's List" English 2005-01-14
Outlaw History #20, Christmas in Mexico, 2004 English 2004-12-20
Outlaw History #23, A Tsunami of Filth and Lies English 2004-12-28
Outlaw History #16, I Explain My Theory of the Holocaust to a Student at Brigham Young University English 2004-12-02
Smith Addresses the Editor of the "Daily Aztec" and His Academic Supervisors English 2013-10-30
Outlaw History #11, Shooting Prisoners Here, Shooting Prisoners There English 2004-11-16
Smith's Journal, Nov-95 English 1995-01-11
Media Madness, Introduction English 1997-01-03
Smith's Journal, Feb-96 English 1996-01-02
Smith's Journal, Jan-96 English 1996-01-01
TWEETING English 2013-08-18
Recent News and Developments English 2013-07-17
FRAGMENTS: Another Ordinary Life English 2013-07-17
The UNESCO Project English 2008-01-09
Intellegent design and Holocaust "denial": History News Network discussion English 2005-01-11
Letters to the Editor English 1992-12-01
Smith's Campus Brief: Catholic University & University of Chicago, November/December 1996 English 1996-01-12
Smith Puts a Question to Mr. Abraham Foxman English 2013-09-28
To the President of Georgetown University & To the Senior Advisor on Archives at the USHMM, Copied to Hundreds of Their Associates and to Academics Nationwide English 2013-08-18
The Elephant(s) in the Room English 2003-05-01
Abraham Bomba, Barber of Treblinka English 2003-05-01
Outlaw History #39, Bill O'Reilly Has It Wrong About Ward Churchill English 2005-02-10
Blasting the Historical Blackout! English 2014-03-16
Smith's Report, no. 142 English 2007-01-09
Smith's Report, no. 140 English 2007-01-07
Smith's Report, no. 141 English 2007-01-08
Smith's Report, no. 137 English 2007-01-04
Fragments: Another Ordinary Life English 2012-07-13

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