Maria Temmer

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Mainstream holocaust writer Jean-Claude Pressac spotted what he called a "Soviet put up job" - a clear attempt by the Soviet War Crimes Commission to falsely portray an ordinary delousing chamber in the Central Sauna section of Auschwitz-Birkenau as homicidal in nature. Much credit is due to him for this observation, however he failed to ask a critically important question: If there were real homicidal gas chambers a literal stone's throw away, why undertake an effort to fake this one? Pressac unfortunately does not appear to ask himself this question and passes over the significance of a Soviet hoax gas chamber with accompanying propaganda photo spread without a second thought. For photos of the faked gas chamber and Pressac's commentary, see and following pages.

If the Soviet War Crimes Commission faking a gas chamber isn't bad enough, it gets worse. There is a definite pattern here.