Rae West

Rae West is a British writer and researcher, who delves into various aspects of revisionist history. This pertains to a wide array of topics, including the Jewish Question, Shakespeare authorship, nuclear weapons, HIV/AIDS, false flags, Christianity, science revisionism, and other areas.

His reviews section has several hundred revisionist reviews, mostly of books.

He is best known for running the website Big-Lies.org. He has featured on the show of Deanna Spingola. The website includes also audios and videos he has recorded and filmed along the way: audios include Steven RoseLeon Geenman (who was a professional 'holocaust survivor'), Martin GilbertHobsbawmChristopher Hitchens, and videos include David IrvingNick Griffin, and the biologist Harold Hillman.

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A 1997 speech on Internet Free Speech and Revisionism - Rae West. This video includes Questions-and-Answers. Before the big revolution that the Internet caused on media, consider the next seven points, taken into consideration that some of this still happens now: 1. Revisionist criticisms aren't new, but have been suppressed; 2. There have been and are many hard-working revisionists; 3. The supposedly heavyweight historians don't debate; 4. No technical descriptions or investigations of 'gas chambers'; 5. Damning 'confessions' were extracted under torture; 6. Demographic figures have been avoided, and mythology substituted; 7. There are no photos of gas chambers.