Richard A. Widmann

Richard A. Widmann is the author of many revisionist articles and reviews including "How Fahrenheit 451 Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom." Mr. Widmann has been published in Christian News, The Journal of Historical Review, The Last Ditch, The Revisionist, Smith's Report, and Vierteljahreschefte für freie Geschichtsforschung. He is the editor of Inconvenient History.

Documents by this author

Document Language Published
Holocaust Literature vs. holocaust scholarship, Thoughts on Finkelstein, Goldhagen and Holocaust Revisionism English 1998-12-01
German Poison Gas (1914 - 1944) (2008) English 2008-01-07
451 Grad Fahrenheit, Über die Bedrohung der intellektuellen Freiheit German 1998-02-14
Not Pearl Harbor II English 2002-03-01
The World Wide Web: What Is It and Why Is It Important to Revisionism? English 1996-04-01
BURN ALL THE BOOKS! English 1996-05-01
CODOH Undermines French Exterminationist Book Burners English 1996-05-01
From Ordinary Groundling Text to Cyberspace: How Is It Done? English 1996-10-01
Revisionist Assault from the Air on Birkenau and Other Camps! English 1996-11-01
Correspondence. Correction English 1996-11-01
Internet Round Up, The Internet, the Thought-Police, and CompuServe English 1996-12-01
Internet Roundup: Supreme Court to Decide Constitutionality of Clinton’s Censorship Bill English 1997-01-01
Internet Roundup, Showdown in Cyberspace English 1997-02-01
The Holocaust Story in Microcosm, Gene Siskel on "Schindler’s List" English 1997-03-01
Internet Roundup, CODOH Explains the Web and Net to Non-Cyber-Revisionists English 1997-03-01
SR Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists English 1997-04-01
Hans Schmidt's Dramatic Aaccount of his Incarceration in “Democratic” Germany English 1997-05-01
Internet Roundup, Net Revisionists Tour U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum English 1997-05-01
Internet Roundup, A Quick Tour around CODOHWeb for Those Who Haven’t Been There English 1997-06-01
Internet Roundup, Speed Is the Essence of the Internet English 1997-09-01
Internet Roundup, German Thought Police Cite CODOHWeb English 1997-10-01
Internet Roundup, Carlos Porter vs. The German Court English 1997-11-01
Internet Roundup, Inconvenient History: Churchill and Hitler on the “Gassing” Question English 1997-12-01
Internet Roundup 1998 , The New McCarthyism of Holocaust Orthodoxy English 1998-01-01
Internet Roundup 1998, Garaudy Case Awakens Arabs English 1998-02-01
Internet Roundup , Simon Wiesenthal Center: Defending the Holocaust Faith English 1998-03-01
Internet Roundup, Carlos Porter Issues Final Statement to the Munich Court English 1998-05-01
Internet Roundup, The Lycos Ministry of Truth English 1998-06-01
Internet Roundup, Allied Wartime Atrocities English 1998-07-01
Internet Roundup, The CODOH Message Board English 1998-09-01
Internet Roundup, Crowell's "Elementary" Gas Chamber Explanation English 1998-10-01
Internet Roundup, The Campus Project On-Line English 1998-11-01
Internet Roundup, CODOHWeb Gets the Truth Out English 1997-04-01
Fredrick Töben Arrested for Thoughtcrime, Internet Roundup English 1999-06-01
Kosovo and the USHMM: A Small Connection? English 1999-08-01
The ADL’s “Big Lie” Campaign, Internet Roundup English
Auschwitz-Kommandant Rudolf Höß, Bücherschau German 1997-04-01
Remembering Bradley R. Smith English 2016-02-20
How Fahrenheit 451 Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom English 1998-02-14
The Temperature at which Books Burn English 2017-03-12

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