Ernst Zündel

Ernst Zündel was born on April 24, 1939, in a small town in the Black Forest region of southwestern Germany. He emigrated to Canada at the age of 19, where he soon married and became the father of two sons. His career as a graphic artist was successful. Then he dedicated himself to the great task, as he saw it, of redeeming the sullied reputation of his fellow Germans. Through his Samisdat publishing house he distributed worldwide a prodigious quantity of revisionist material. Zündel is perhaps best known for his role as defendant in the “Holocaust Trials” of 1985 and 1988. He was brought to court in Toronto on a charge of “publishing false news,” and specifically for publishing a reprint edition of a booklet entitled Did Six Million Really Die?. Zündel’s next great legal battle was fought out before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal in Toronto for his Internet web site (www.Zü In 2000 he moved to the United States, where he was arrested in 2003 and deported to Germany after two years of solitary confinement in Canada. There, put on a show trial, he was sentenced to five years' imprisonment in 2007. He was finally released from prison on March 1, 2012, and lived in his parental home in Germany until his death in 2017.

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Word has come that Bradley Smith, whom we all know, has died after a very long struggle with cancer. I have been asked to write a few words as part of a Memorial Collection. I remember Bradley winging his way from California to Toronto to put in an appearance as …

(Following are excerpts from stories reported in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, and the Toronto Sun when this story first broke.) Toronto Star (27 August): Toronto publisher Ernst Zundel's conviction for spreading false news about the deaths of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust was struck down today …

Ernst Zündel’s contribution was written on December 5, 2003, from the Rexdale, Ontario, GULag in the People’s Republic of Canada, that is, from his solitary confinement cell where he is being held as a political prisoner of conscience by the Crown authorities. His location is the Toronto-West Detention Center, 111 …

For some twenty years, Ernst Zündel was the leading force for Holocaust revisionism in Canada. With uncanny instinct for turning the tables against his attackers in the media and in the courts, Zündel converted his two trials for Holocaust “denial” in the 1980s into trials of Holocaust dogma. During those …

Ernst Zündel, a German-Canadian publisher and civil rights activist, lives in Toronto. Born in 1939 in southwest Germany, where he was raised, he migrated to Canada at the age of 19. He attracted international notoriety during the first and second "Holocaust trials" in Toronto, 1985 and 1988. In August 1992 …

Ernst Zundel is a guest on the Tom Cherington show alongside Sabina Citron and Joana Kuras. They discuss the Holocaust, hate literature, hate speech, court cases, propaganda and various trials regarding these topics.

Ernst Zundel explores Auschwitz with David Cole. They start out their tour from the front of the Auschwitz brothel, visit the swimming pool next to the prisoner barracks, examine the "wall of death" and alleged "gas chamber" and conclude at the memorial monument.

Ernst Zundel explores Auschwitz with David Cole. They commence their journey from  the front of the Auschwitz whorehouse, visit the swimming pool next to the prisoner barracks, examine the "wall of death" and alleged "gas chamber" and conclude at the memorial monument.

The Canadian mainstream media sat down with legendary revisionist and German advocate Ernst Zundel back in 1993 to create this short, made-for-TV documentary. Here's what the Zionist medium had to say about 'Gift to the World':

"His name has become synonymous with hate propaganda in Canada and around the world – and The Fifth Estate first told the story of Ernst Zundel back in 1993."

Ernst Zündel  was invited to attend the Institute for Historical Review conference in 1992. The American government refused him entry into the country and so he made this video that could be played at the conference in his absence. There is some tape damage near the end.

In this one and a half hour long clip, the late Ernst Zündel (1939 - 2017) talks about his tactics of raising awareness of the falsity of the “Holocaust” hate atrocity propaganda. This second part, deals with the increasing attacks on him by the media.

In this video (One Hour and 57 minutes) Ernst Zündel gives another one of his talks for the Voice of Freedom. Here Ernst whos' name means Ernest in English (serious, honest) talks about the suffering of the German people in the years 1939 to 1945.

In this historic (1 hour and 1 minute) video, the late Canadian Revisionist, Ernst Zündel (1939-2017) relates how he became very politically involved not only with his main theme, the rebuttal of the “six million gassed Jews” propaganda swindle and the resultant scam of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

In this historic 28 minute video, the late Canadian Revisionist, Ernst Zundel (1939-2017) gives his views in his second newsletter update for his “Voice of Freedom”. Ernst Zündel’s second update covers a large number of topics, from World 2 to the defeat of Germany, to reparations. 

In this historic 23 minute video, the late Canadian Revisionist, Ernst  Zündel (1939-2017) talks to his viewers in his first newsletter update for his “Voice of Freedom”. As Ernst points out his name means Earnest in English, i.e. honest and serious.