Post WWII Revisionism

Events and developments in the post-WWII period following the end of hostilities. This section does not include 9/11 revisionism (re. the alleged Arab attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001), which has its own entry under "About Revisionism and Historiography in General" > "US History" > "Sept. 11"


Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Waldman, F. How to Establish a Domination , The Jewish Victory Over the Opportunistic Rumanian Government English 2005-12-15
Brenner, L. The Iron Wall, Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir English 1984-06-20
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Faurisson, R. Ecrits Revisionnistes (Tome I) De 1974-1983 French 2004-09-30
Faurisson, R. Robert Faurisson a Revisionist Life (PART 2 OF 4) 1990 English 2018-10-03
Faurisson, R. Robert Faurisson a Revisionist Life (Part 3 of 4) 1990 English 2018-10-06
Graf, J. Hoax or Holocaust: The Arguments English 1997-04-09
Grenfell, R. Unconditional Hatred, German War Guilt and the Future of Europe English 1953-10-04
Harwood, R. Did Six Million Really Die ?, Truth at Last – Exposed English 1974-08-09
Harwood, R. Ne sono morti davvero sei milioni ? Italian 2000-08-09
Heliotis, P. Hans Metzner: The Old Jack in the Box English 2018-08-23
Heliotis, P. A Blatant Falsification at Nuremberg English 2017-10-13
Irving, D. Memorabilia: David Irving on Free Speech (Part 2) English 2017-06-21
Merlin, D. Pacifica Radio's Goodman and Moynihan Caught Spreading False News Regarding Anne Frank English 2018-07-15
Merlin, D. Anne Frank, a Cold Case? English 2017-10-05
Olodogma Il revisionismo storico nelle conferenze e convegni revisionisti tenuti in Italia Italian 2014-10-01
Olodogma lerner gad, Eric Hobsbawm «Tra studiosi...leciti disaccordo e discussione sul numero delle vittime e... il "gas Ziklon B"» (sic) Italian 2015-03-22
Olodogma Faurisson – Introduzione agli Écrits révisionnistes Italian 2014-06-27
Olodogma AI- Assistenza agli internati negli ololager $terminazionisti Italian 2012-11-19
Olodogma Gerd Honsik e il Piano Kalergi Italian 2012-12-10
Olodogma Il revisionismo storico su Facebook, c'è un impressionante interesse! Italian 2013-03-15
Olodogma Adolf Hitler - un candidato mancato al Premio Nobel Italian 2013-03-19
Olodogma La nascita della Banca d’Inghilterra e la moneta creata dal nulla: Le origini del “debito pubblico” Italian 2013-03-23
Olodogma Le origini segrete della banca d'Inghilterra Italian 2013-03-23
Olodogma VIII- Inquisizione $hoahtica-legge anti-revisionismo. I contrari: gli storici del SISSCO: no alla legge sul negazionismo Italian 2013-10-23
Olodogma Frutti dell'ideologia mondialista multiculturalista sull'ebreo "apolide"," gauchiste" finkielkraut paura dell'islam Italian 2013-12-23
Piper, M. Best Witness, The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism English 1994-06-25
Provan, C. WWII Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 1 of 4 English 2018-02-03
Provan, C. WW2 Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 3 of 4 English 2018-02-03
Provan, C. WW2 Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 4 of 4 English 2018-02-03
Provan, C. WWII Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 2 of 4 English 2018-02-03
Rucker, J. The Holocaust: Based on a True Story English 2016-11-03
Rucker, J. The Blindingness of Hindsight English 2017-02-27
Wear, J. The Betrayal of Honorable Dissent: German Scientists after World War II English 2018-12-16
West, R. Holocaust Revisionism, Free Speech, the New Internet Rae West Talk in 1997 + Q & A English 2019-02-18
Yeager, C. Student's Feeling of Sadness at German Stalingrad Soldier's Grave Sets off Furor in Russia, First Published in Carolyn English 2017-11-27
Zündel, E. WWII Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 1 of 4 English 2018-02-03
Zündel, E. WW2 Revisionism Other Than the Holocaust 3 of 4 English 2018-02-03