Shoah Business

There is no business like Shoah business – except maybe waging war, which is even more profitable – for some. Papers listed in this section deal with what Norman G. Finkelstein called the “exploitation of Jewish suffering” – not just for financial ends. As a matter of fact, the “Auschwitz club” is a formidable weapon to wield against perceived political opponents anywhere in the world. Hence, it’s big business, indeed.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Zündel, E. Memorabilia: Genocide by Propaganda Ernst Zundel 1983 English 2019-03-31
Zadencki, J. Attention! Fascism in the Furniture Store!, A European Look at 'Political Correctness' English 1997-11-01
Yudelson, L. New Holocaust museum director promotes the uniqueness of the Jewish genocide English 1995-01-03
Yeager, C. Obama, Israel’s Houseboy, Names Elie Wiesel to U.S. Holocaust Council English 2012-01-01
Yeager, C. Elie Wiesel’s Sex Abuse Comes back to Haunt his Legacy, First Published at Elie Wiesel Cons the World English 2017-10-26
Widmann, R. The Holocaust Happened English 2002-01-01
Widmann, R. Holocaust Literature vs. holocaust scholarship, Thoughts on Finkelstein, Goldhagen and Holocaust Revisionism English 1998-12-01
West , K. Memorabilia: Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom Interviewed by Kevin West English 2017-06-13
Weber, M. West Germany's Holocaust Payoff to Israel and World Jewry, Historical News and Comment English 1988-07-01
Weber, M. From the Editor English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. Millions Go Into New Museums: National Holocaust Museum to Cost $100 Million, Historical News and Comment English 1985-12-01
Weber, M. Holocaust Survivor Memoir Exposed as Fraud English 1998-12-15
Weber, M. Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent ‘Nazi hunter’ English 1995-07-01
Weber, M. Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent 'Nazi hunter' English 1989-12-01
Weber, M. Hilberg Denounces Jewish 'Blackmail' Against Switzerland, World Jewish Congress Called 'Morally False' English 1999-03-15
Weber, M. Five-Story US Holocaust Museum to Open in Washington, DC English 1993-03-01
Weber, M. "Days of Remembrance", A Department of Defense Guide for Commemorative Observance. A Review English 1989-01-01
U.S. Congress Public Funding of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1999 English 1999-01-01
Tv, P. Has the Holocaust Been Exploited to Oppress Others? English 2018-07-12
Tv, P. It's Not Antisemitic to Question Holocaust Legacy English 2018-07-18
Trump , D. Message to the World Jewish Congress from US President Donald Trump English 2017-04-24
Torah True Jews The Torah True Jews have no part in the affair against the Swiss English 1997-09-30
Thion, S. Auschwitz: Plain Facts, A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac English 2005-09-29
The TransCyberian Express What's Black and White and Read All Over? English 1996-01-04
Taylor, J. Holocaust as Political Industry English 1999-10-01
Sommers, E. Finkelstein's Expose of the Holocaust Industry, A Review English 2001-02-01
Smith, B. Keeping Memory Alive for the Holocaust-Obsessed English 2012-11-12
Smith, B. It's Hard to Know what's Good and Bad English 2001-05-01
Smith, B. Shameless Hollywood Handlers Exploit Failing Old Ladies—and Other Atrocious Scenes English 1996-05-01
Smith, B. Memorabilia :Is it them or Is it Us? English 2017-01-12
Smith, B. Memorabilia: Smith Questions the Director of the USHMM, Again. English 2017-03-20
Smith, B. Memorabilia: The Night I Dreamed I Was Gassed at Auschwitz English 2017-04-06
Smith, B. Memorabilia :Coffee with Bradley Smith : The Anne Frank House English 2017-09-03
Smith, B. Memorabilia : Coffee with Bradley Smith: Anne Frank Diaries? English 2017-09-03
Shea, C. Debating the uniqueness of the Holocaust English 1996-05-31
Shamir, I. Vampire Killers English 2001-03-14
Shamir, I. Los maestros del discurso, Opiniones de un israeli antisionista sobre las guerras y el sistema Spanish 2004-07-12
Shamir, I. HISTOIRE JUIVE - RELIGION JUIVE, Le poids de trois millénaires French 1996-07-20
Scott, H. The Joseph Hirt Story, Twenty Years as a Fake Auschwitz-Survivor English 2016-07-02
Schaub, B. Switzerland in the Grip of the ‘Traditional Enemy’ English 1997-07-01