(No) Freedom of Expression

There is the ideal of free speech, and then there is reality: censorship, persecution, and prosecution of dissidents.


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Hernández, R. ¿Oliver Stone dejará las cosas claras? Spanish 2016-02-18
Hernández, R. ¿Fueron realmente sólo cinco o seis libros sobre la negación del Holocausto realmente prohibidos de Amazon? Spanish 2017-03-10
Olodogma l GROD Germania,Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft, condanna il vescovo cattolico Williamson per negazionismo! Italian 2013-09-25
Hernández, R. YouTube Shuts Down the Other Side of History: , All pages with “Holocaust denial” content will be or are already erased. English 2019-06-23
Rucker, J. You, Too, Can Be a Comment Commando English 2016-10-12
Hernández, R. Were Five or Six “Holocaust-Denial” Books Really Just Banned from Amazon? English 2017-03-10
Yeager, C. Ursula Haverbeck Once Again Sentenced to Jail in Germany, ( First Published at CarolynYeager.net ) English 2016-09-03
Chabloz, A. UK today – Songs about Jewish Lies, Power and Control now a Criminal Offence English 2017-10-11
Torben Torben explains why he supports open debate on the Holocaust English 2016-07-11
Zündel, E. Tom Metzger Interviews Ernst Zündel (Part 1 of 2 ) 1992 English 2019-04-26
Christie, D. Threats to Freedom English 2019-05-29
Merlin, D. The Southern Poverty Law Center Scam, Letter to the San Diego Union-Tribune English 2017-09-07
Smith, B. The Savage, the Academic and the Brainwashed English 2016-10-24
Christie, D. The Power of Juries (Part 1 of 2 Parts) English 2019-04-03
Rucker, J. The Library’s on Fire English 2018-06-04
Rucker, J. The Library of Congress Has Holocaust-Denial Books! English 2017-02-28
Rucker, J. The Holocaust: Based on a True Story English 2016-11-03
Rucker, J. The Holocaust Taboo as Prohibition English 2016-07-09
Finkelstein, N. The Holocaust Industry- Norman Finkelstein with Michael Coren English 2016-07-13
A. Fudge, T. The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands : from Holocaust Historian to Holocaust ? English 2003-07-24
Death Of Free Speech, T. The Death of Free Speech (55min) English 2019-10-27
Hernández, R. The Campus Project in 2016: A Quiet Campaign for Free Speech in American Universities English 2017-01-28
Widmann, R. The Battle for Discussion, A Look Back English 2016-11-28
Merlin, D. The ADL Report English 2018-05-10
Olodogma Sylvia Stolz, un avvocato in galera per negazionismo Italian 2012-10-01
Stolz, S. Sylvia Stolz Entertains "Forbidden Thoughts", Sylvia Stolz tanzt "verbotene Gedanken" English 2019-05-31
Olodogma Stormfront: il processo di appello il 26 Gennaio 2014 Italian 2013-09-25
Merlin, D. Steinmeier Apologizes English 2018-06-06
Merlin, D. Spot the Secret Nazi Code...Director Sabine Has! English 2016-12-01
Zündel, E. Setting the Record Straight with Ernst Zundel English 2018-07-29
Olodogma Sentenza Stormfront : l'olocau$to ebraico? Eseguito in camere a gas con fosforo bianco! Italian 2014-01-07
Olodogma Ritorno su “Katyn a Norimberga” + Nuovo ritorno su "Katyn a Norimberga" Italian 2013-01-15
Olodogma Ridere fa bene! Smemoranda, il "colono" sionista peres shimon e altri Italian 2013-10-02
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione, nuovo atto Italian 2012-10
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione in Grecia, su "appelli" dell'Europa e congresso mondiale ebraico Italian 2014-09-12
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione in Europa: criminali i definiti "neo-nazisti" Italian 2014-10-03
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione : Il Dr. Mirko Viola è stato scarcerato! Bentornato! Italian 2013-12-31
Olodogma Quenelle,Anelka,Dieudonné, attivisti ebrei aggrediscono un barista, ma è...Robert Faurisson il vero problema Italian 2013-12-31
Scott, H. Prominent Egyptian Journalist Rejects Six-Million Claim, Jews publicize it in the West, inadvertently stimulating debate English 2016-12-20
Hall, P. Prof. Tony Hall Suspended without Pay at University of Lethbridge English 2016-10-07