(No) Freedom of Expression

There is the ideal of free speech, and then there is reality: censorship, persecution, and prosecution of dissidents.


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Hernández, R. Apartamento de Alfred Schaefer allanado por la policía alemana. Spanish 2016-08-31
Hernández, R. El Prof. Anthony Hall: un mártir de la libre investigación sobre el Holocausto en el campus universitario Spanish 2016-10-27
Chabloz, A. Horst Mahler Last Public Appearance Before Returning to Prison VIDEO English Subs English 2017-04-15
Hernández, R. Parlamento italiano aprueba penalización del Holocausto Spanish 2016-07-04
Reynouard, V. Vincent Reynouard presents Alison Chabloz - Jewish Censorship Tactics ( Video ) English 2016-12-09
Chabloz, A. Vincent Reynouard presents Alison Chabloz - Jewish Censorship Tactics ( Video ) English 2016-12-09
Fromm, P. A Chat with Paul Fromm: Canadian Freedom of Speech Fighter (October 2015) English 2018-12-13
Barlow, J. A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace English 1996-01-01
Merlin, D. A Devious Attack on Free Speech. English 2017-04-14
Ittner, G. A Dissident Speaking Out - Gerhard Ittner English 2016-08-14
Hernández, R. Actualización de la situación de Pedro Varela Spanish 2016-07-30
Alfred & Monika Schaefer on Red Ice Radio English 2016-10-04
Finkelstein, N. American Radical - The Trials of Norman Finkelstein English 2016-10-14
Hernández, R. An Update on Pedro Varela English 2016-07-27
Ittner, G. An update on Dr. Johannes Lerle English 2016-08-03
Rucker, J. Are We Revisionists? Or Reformers? English 2017-01-26
Rucker, J. Art and the Law(s) English 2016-06-29
Hasan, M. As a Muslim, I’m Fed Up with the Hypocrisy of the Free Speech Fundamentalists English 2015-01-13
Hoffman, M. Banned Books Week Official Has No Sympathy for Revisionist Books Banned by Amazon English 2017-10-11
Rucker, J. Bezos Will Never Know, nor (Could He) Care English 2018-03-24
Hoffman, M. Books Banned by "Banned Books Week" English 2017-10-07
Olodogma Bradley R Smith del CODOH scrive a Jean-François Julliard di Reporters sans frontières Italian 2013-09-27
Hernández, R. Brains, Anyone? English 2016-09-08
Kapner, B. Brother Nathanael Kapner || Nathaniel 2018: Spingola Speaks Interviews English 2018-05-10
Chabloz, A. CAA Wikipedia Article Revised Following ‘Gross Violation’ of Rules English 2017-11-20
Hernández, R. CODOH: Libertad de expresión en la red Spanish 2016-11-29
Rucker, J. Canadian Broadcasting Company Spreads the Word English 2016-07-15
Rappoport, J. Censored Language and the Mind-Prison of the Group English 2014-05-14
Chomsky, N. Christopher Hitchens and Noam Chomsky (1992) English 2018-12-14
Hitchens, C. Christopher Hitchens and Noam Chomsky (1992) English 2018-12-14
Hernández, R. Clausuran la librería “Europa” de Pedro Varela Spanish 2016-07-10
Scott, H. Deborah Lipstadt, Lost in the Age of Internet, suppressing information is not as easy as it used to be English 2016-12-05
Ruhe, B. Delta School District in Canada Fires a Teacher for his Views on the Holocaust English 2016-09-28
Rizoli, J. Diane King Interview of Revisionist Jim Rizoli March 2016 English 2017-07-13
Atzmon, G. Disgraceful Event at LSE with Richard Falk, Gilad Atzmon English 2017-05-04
Olodogma Dodicesima lettera del dottor Gianantonio Valli al signor Stefano Gatti Italian 2012-10-01
Merlin, D. Dolores Umbridge Visits the US English 2018-02-16
Rucker, J. Donald Trump Meets the Holocaust English 2017-02-03
Christie, D. Doug Christie on "Crossfire" 1985 English 2018-11-27
Christie, D. Douglas Christie in Ottawa 1991 English 2019-05-09