Free Speech + Censorship

The ideal and limits of free speech and expression, and also the free access to information, as well as the various legal and extra-legal attempts at limiting that civil right. Censorship includes not only government actions against any media, published or not, but also the active suppression of such media by mainstream outlets. Unless a report is on free speech and/or censorship in general, it has been categorized in the subcategory of the country discussed.


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Author Document Language Published
Cole, D. Memorabilia: "El Gran Tabu" with Intro Holocaust Revisionist Film that Rocked Baja Film Festival English 2017-09-23
Rudolf, G. Germar Rudolf Holocaust Revisionist Persecution (2 of 2) English 2017-09-27
Zündel, E. Jewish Professor Dommergue Says: Holocaust Complete Fake. English 2017-10-04
Hoffman, M. Books Banned by "Banned Books Week" English 2017-10-07
Hoffman, M. Banned Books Week Official Has No Sympathy for Revisionist Books Banned by Amazon English 2017-10-11
Merlin, D. Trudeau Blots his Politically Correct Copy Book English 2017-10-11
Chabloz, A. UK today – Songs about Jewish Lies, Power and Control now a Criminal Offence English 2017-10-11
Heliotis, P. Arad on Majdanek English 2017-10-12
Berg, F. Fritz Berg TV interview on Gas Wagons and more (3 of 3) English 2017-10-20
Merlin, D. Letter to the Vidette, Student Newspaper at Illinois State University English 2017-11-30
Atzmon, G. Gilad Atzmon Physically Attacked by Antifa English 2017-06-11
Hitchens, C. Memorabilia : Christopher Hitchens on Holocaust Denial, Religion and Free Speech English 2017-05-14
Finkelstein, N. Memorabilia : Norman G. Finkelstein and the Holocaust Industry English 2017-05-15
Memorabilia : Nuremberg Trials: Debunking the Nazi War Crimes Convictions English 2017-05-15
Chabloz, A. The Persecution Never Ends English 2017-05-19
Merlin, D. Lipstadt, Alternative Facts and Northwestern University. English 2017-05-04
Atzmon, G. Disgraceful Event at LSE with Richard Falk, Gilad Atzmon English 2017-05-04
Rizoli, J. Ursula Haverbeck on the Holocaust English 2017-05-08
Haverbeck, U. Ursula Haverbeck on the Holocaust English 2017-05-08
Irving, D. Memorabilia: David Irving Presents His Book Churchill´s War. English 2017-05-09
Chabloz, A. Police, Thieves, Enemies and Trolls English 2017-05-20
Haverbeck, U. Ursula Haverbeck Interviewed (50 min) English 2017-05-21
Carlqvist, I. Ingrid Carlqvist - Scandal in Sweden When Ingrid Questions the Unquestionable English 2017-05-31
Ahmadinejad, M. Memorabilia: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust English 2017-06-02
Chabloz, A. CPS Discontinues Original Charge for my Song (((Survivors))) English 2017-06-04
Haverbeck, U. Ursula Haverbeck - The Greatest Problem Of Our Time. English 2017-06-07
Atzmon, G. Jeff Rense: Gilad Atzmon And Brother Nathanael : A Conversation English 2017-05-29
Nathanael Foundation, T. Jeff Rense: Gilad Atzmon And Brother Nathanael : A Conversation English 2017-05-29
Cole, D. Jeff Rense & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian English 2017-05-29
Rense, J. Jeff Rense & David Cole - Holocaust Revisionist Historian English 2017-05-29
Kollerstrom, N. Amazon Book Ban: Media Blackout Exposed English 2017-06-11
Hanson, V. Victor Davis Hanson: The New Old World Order English 2018-08-10
Chomsky, N. Necessary Illusions, Thought Control in Democratic Societies English 1989-08-13
Zündel, E. Memorabilia: Ernst Zundel at Leadership '91 Conference (Part 1 of 2) English 2018-07-24
Irving, D. Memorabilia: David Irving Interview on Calgary Cable (1989) English 2018-08-29
Zuckerberg, M. Memorabilia: Zuckerberg Slammed for Refusing to Ban Holocaust Denial on Facebook English 2018-08-29
Merlin, D. Germany Teaches Its Children to Cringe English 2018-09-26
Merlin, D. Attack on Marine Le Pen is Crazy English 2018-09-30
Merlin, D. "The Charlottesville Four, a Show Trial in the Making" English 2018-10-04
S. Stern, K. HOLOCAUST DENIAL English 1993-08-09

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