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The ideal and limits of free speech and expression, and also the free access to information, as well as the various legal and extra-legal attempts at limiting that civil right. Censorship includes not only government actions against any media, published or not, but also the active suppression of such media by mainstream outlets. Unless a report is on free speech and/or censorship in general, it has been categorized in the subcategory of the country discussed.

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Author Document Language Published
Ittner, G. Important Decision by the Supreme Court of FRG English 2017-04-23
Cole, D. Interview With Famous "Holocaust Denier" David Cole Stein Vinny Eastwood English 2017-04-27
Merlin, D. Letter to Naz Shah English 2017-04-20
Merlin, D. Letter to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee English 2017-04-21
Smith, B. Memorabilia : Should Smith Apologize to Steven Pinker? English 2017-04-22
Hernández, R. Memorabilia : Should Smith Apologize to Steven Pinker? English 2017-04-22
Renouf , M. Memorabilia: Horst Mahler Rescue Appeal , (by Lady M Renouf & Richard Edmonds) English 2017-04-22
Edmonds, R. Memorabilia: Horst Mahler Rescue Appeal , (by Lady M Renouf & Richard Edmonds) English 2017-04-22
Irving, D. Memorabilia: David Irving Presents His Book Churchill´s War. English 2017-05-09
Rizoli, J. Ursula Haverbeck on the Holocaust English 2017-05-08
Haverbeck, U. Ursula Haverbeck on the Holocaust English 2017-05-08
Atzmon, G. Disgraceful Event at LSE with Richard Falk, Gilad Atzmon English 2017-05-04
Merlin, D. Lipstadt, Alternative Facts and Northwestern University. English 2017-05-04
Widmann, R. The Censorship of Inconvenient History English 2011-12-30
Widmann, R. Denial? English 2012-06-09
Widmann, R. The Australian Press Council – a Case to Answer? English 2013-03-02
Widmann, R. Canada's Greatest Defender of Freedom of Speech Has Died: A Life of Sacrifice and Idealism English 2013-03-15
Widmann, R. Freedom isn’t free…and neither is historical truth English 2013-05-05
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History Annuals available for purchase English 2013-09-20
Widmann, R. Letter to the American Library Association on the 60th Anniversary of the Publication of Fahrenheit 451 English 2013-10-20
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History 2013: The Year in Review English 2014-03-16
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History Volume 5 is Now Available! English 2014-03-30
Widmann, R. Remembering the Russian Crime at Katyn English 2014-04-13
Widmann, R. Now Available Inconvenient History Hardbound Annual Vol. II English 2011-11-19
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History 2009 Hardbound Annual now available! English 2010-04-24
Smith, B. Memorabilia: The Night I Dreamed I Was Gassed at Auschwitz English 2017-04-06
Hernández, R. Defending the Holocaust: A Free-Speech Assignment? English 2017-04-07
Widmann, R. A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry English 2009-11-22
Widmann, R. A Call for Dissident Writers English 2009-11-22
Widmann, R. David Irving's Website Attacked English 2009-11-22
Widmann, R. Learning Nothing from the Past English 2009-11-22
Kues, T. EU anti-revisionist law by the end of the year? English 2010-01-29
Widmann, R. Rialto: Anatomy of a Slapdown English 2014-06-06
Widmann, R. Remembering George Orwell (1903 – 1950) English 2014-06-25
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History Volume 6 is now available! English 2015-04-11
Merlin, D. Sean Spicer's Hitler Comment English 2017-04-14
Merlin, D. A Devious Attack on Free Speech. English 2017-04-14
Chabloz, A. Horst Mahler Last Public Appearance Before Returning to Prison VIDEO English Subs English 2017-04-15
Widmann, R. CODOH Announced as New Publisher of Inconvenient History English 2015-09-26
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