If it weren’t for the internet, there would hardly be any revisionism today due to the ever increasing anti-revisionist censorship laws in many western countries and the steadily rising tide of social persecution of revisionists. All the more important is the struggle to keep the internet free from government censorship and corporate attempts at stifling dissent. Listed here are contributions dealing with this issue, sorted by the countries where incidents of internet censorship – or courageous opposition to censorship – have occurred.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
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Rucker, J. Bezos Will Never Know, nor (Could He) Care English 2018-03-24
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CODOH German Censors Indict CompuServe Official English 1997-02-26
CODOH German Prosecutors Probe AOL English 1996-02-02
CODOH Germany's Biggest 'Net provider Bans 1,500 sites English 1996-01-27
Electronic Frontiers Italy Global Internet Liberty Campaign: Open letter to German Chancellor H. Kohl English 1997-04-23