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Author Document Language Published
Hernández, R. Apartamento de Alfred Schaefer allanado por la policía alemana. Spanish 2016-08-31
Hoffmann, J. "Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte" (Foundations of Contemporary History) , Expert Report about this Book English 1995-09-28
Olodogma $hoaholoca$h ! Estorsione continuata e frode: dolocau$to da un miliardo di dollari...paga il Tedesco Italian 2013-07-04
Stäglich, W. 'Der Auschwitz Mythos': A Book and Its Fate in the German Federal Republic, Paper presented to the 1983 International Revisionist Conference English 1984-04-01
Olodogma (Oggettiva) chutzpah, arroganza, sionista : "questi sono i miei gioielli"...lo shabbat-goj germania! Italian 2015-05-14
Olodogma revisionista tedesco Gerd Ittner è stato scarcerato Italian 2015-10-18
Schaefer, A. Activist jailed in Germany, Monika Schaefer • UNBELIEVABLE English 2018-01-06
Alfred & Monika Schaefer on Red Ice Radio English 2016-10-04
Hernández, R. Alfred Schaefer Apartment Raided by German Police English 2016-08-26
Olodogma Allarme per Horst Mahler da parte del fratello Peter Mahler Italian 2015-06-03
Olodogma Amputati gamba e piede al detenuto politico Horst Mahler. Pena sospesa! Italian 2015-07-20
Diwald, H. An Interview with Hellmut Diwald: Truth-Seeking Historiography English 1980-03-01
Olodogma Appello di Andreas Saß, Rigolf Hennig, Udo Voigt, Gerd Honsik, Jurij Below, Guenter Deckert, Adrian Preissinger,Herbert Fritzal al Governo Federale Tedesco per ricusare per intero la validità del verdetto di Norimberga Italian 2013-11-17
Pitlik, . BEHAUPTUNGEN UND SACHBEWEISE , Die KL Auschwitz I (Stammlager) und das KL Birkenau (KL II) German 2003-08-20
Widmann, R. Banned Books and Unmentionable Books, The Hypocrisy of the American Library Association English 2006-09-30
Rucker, J. Berlin Diary: A Global Lawfare Conspiracy English 2012-07-13
Weber, M. Book Detailing Jewish Crimes Against Germans Banned, Thousands of Copies of Revisionist Work Destroyed English 1995-01-01
Ruhe, B. Brian Ruhe, John Kaminski, Diane King (Oct 16, 2018) English 2018-12-12
Smith, B. Butz Book Banned in South Africa, Germany and Canada – The United States Next? English 1984-10-01
Vrij Historisch Onderzoek Bücherverbrennung in Deutschland heute German 1997-04-01
Smith, B. CODOH's Growing Role in Battle for Cyber High Ground May Soon Prove Pivotal English 1998-06-01
Olodogma Caso "Horst Mahler" : Udo Voigt, deputato europeo NPD, scrive a Bruxelles Italian 2015-07-07
Countess, R. Caveat Emptor! English 2000-07-01
Rucker, J. Censorship by Proxy: It’s Better (Worse) Than the Real Thing English 2017-06-19
Mägerle, A. Censorship in Germany? Never! Unless... English 1998-01-01
Olodogma Chi si preoccupa VERAMENTE di Horst Mahler ? Italian 2015-06-29
Olodogma Chi si preoccupa di Horst Mahler ? Italian 2015-06-29
Olodogma Come la Germania in bancarotta risolse i suoi problemi economici Italian 2011-11-21
Olodogma Comunicato di Wolfgang Fröhlich, ingegnere, revisionista, internato in un lager sterminazionista Italian 2013-07-24
Olodogma Comunicato stampa di Wolfgang Fröhlich, revisionista, internato per 9 anni per leso olocau$to ebraico Italian 2013-12-02
Smith, B. David Irving Takes a Novel Swing at "Der Spiegel", A Fine Scandal Is about to Break in Germany English 1997-07-01
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft. Horst Mahler: "Das Ende Der Wanderschaft" Italian 2013-06-09
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft: la persecuzione del politischer gefangener Horst Mahler Italian 2013-06-29
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft: processata anche la moglie del revisionista Udo Walendy Italian 2013-07-02
Rudolf, G. Discovering Absurdistan, The Deterioration of Civil Rights under the Influence of Wartime Propaganda English 2003-05-01
aaargh Don't Die Ignorant, France's Remarkable 'Aaargh' Web Site English 1998-06-01
Gauss, E. Epilogue English 1994-01-09
Olodogma Erna Lendvai-Dircksen: Das Deutsche Volksgesicht Italian 2013-04-05
Olodogma Faurisson "sorridente e inflessibile Ursula Haverbeck" Italian 2015-06-10
Weber, M. German Authorities ‘Index’ Two IHR Leaflets English 1997-07-01