Persecution of Dissidents

The social, extra-judicial persecution of dissidents for their peaceful activities. By extra-judicial, social persecution we mean media harassments and defamation, loss of employment, loss of residence, termination of memberships, cancellation of business contracts etc. Unless a report is on persecution in general, it has been categorized in the subcategory of the country where the events have occurred.


Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Burg, J. Maidanek in alle Ewigkeit? German 2018-06-08
Chabloz, A. Matter of Censorship should be a worry to us all English 2017-11-22
Chabloz, A. CAA Wikipedia Article Revised Following ‘Gross Violation’ of Rules English 2017-11-20
Chabloz, A. UK today – Songs about Jewish Lies, Power and Control now a Criminal Offence English 2017-10-11
Rudolf, G. Germar Rudolf Holocaust Revisionist Persecution (2 of 2) English 2017-09-27
Reynouard, V. Those Jews Who Want to "Break my Face to Pieces" English 2017-07-07
Kollerstrom, N. Kyle Hunt Interviews Nicholas Kollerstrom English 2017-06-26
Kollerstrom, N. Memorabilia: Bishop Williamson Interview by Nick Kollerstrom (Part Two) English 2017-06-21
Kollerstrom, N. Memorabilia: Bishop Williamson Interview by Nick Kollerstrom (Part 1) English 2017-06-21
West , K. Memorabilia: Breaking The Spell (of the Holocaust) with Dr Nick Kollerstrom Interviewed by Kevin West English 2017-06-13
Rucker, J. The Siege Intensifies English 2017-06-13
Chabloz, A. CPS Discontinues Original Charge for my Song (((Survivors))) English 2017-06-04
Haverbeck, U. Ursula Haverbeck Interviewed (50 min) English 2017-05-21
Chabloz, A. Antisemitism Harassment Campaign and The Law with Alison Chabloz English 2017-11-22
Reynouard, V. Confessions of a Reformed Denier English 2017-12-03
Schaefer, A. Open Letter from Alfred Schaefer English 2018-01-06
Rucker, J. What Would You Say? What Will You Write? English 2018-06-06
Zündel, E. Background and Detailed Chronology of Ernest Zundel Persecution English 1996-00-00
Evans, R. Expert Report English 1998-12-15
Olodogma Dello strabismo di Amnesty International, Pussy Riots, storici revisionisti Italian 2014-06-01
Chabloz, A. Memorabilia: ITEL Radio Interview Alison Chabloz (11 12 16) English 2018-05-07
CODOH Lawyer Arrested for Holocaust Dissent in Kansas, [By Good Information Advocates,] English 2018-04-29
Chabloz, A. Alison Chabloz on the War on Free Speech, Right to Cause Offence & Pet Pug Nazi Salutes English 2018-04-19
Olodogma DaI "Corriere della sera" del gennaio 1938..."Il contadino romeno odia gli ebrei" Italian 2014-03-13
Chabloz, A. Horst Mahler Last Public Appearance Before Returning to Prison VIDEO English Subs English 2017-04-15
Chabloz, A. Britons Awake! This Trial Isn’t about Me, It’s about All of Us English 2018-01-23
Chabloz, A. Implication of the Prosecution’s Case Is That Truths Could Be Illegal English 2018-01-23
Henderson, R. Implication of the Prosecution’s Case Is That Truths Could Be Illegal English 2018-01-23
Chabloz, A. Police, Thieves, Enemies and Trolls English 2017-05-20
Chabloz, A. The Persecution Never Ends English 2017-05-19
Smith, B. Revisionism Rampant ‘round the Globe English 1996-12-01
Jackson, N. You Bunyans, Come Forth, and you Samaritans! English 2007-01-10
Widmann, R. Holocaust Hate Speech, Editorial English 2015-05-23
Rucker, J. When the Last One Dies … Look Out! English 2015-07-31
Weber, M. Historical Revisionism and the Legacy of George Orwell English 1985-04-01
Rudolf, G. The New Zealand Saga Continues English 2003-11-01
Jackson, N. Revisionism and the Power of Truth, A Comment English 2014-02-23
Bennett, J. Orwell's ‘1984’: Was Orwell Right?, Paper Presented to the Sixth International Revisionist Conference English 1985-04-01
Hirshberg, M. Hikind Demands Credit Card Companies Pull Support from Hate Groups English 2013-09-28
Butz, A. 1998 Revisionist Conference in Adelaide, Australia English 1998-08-20