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Author Document Language Published
Bennett, J. In the Matter of Robert Faurisson English 1980-08-01
CODOH News Revisionist Historian Suffers Savage Beating, ThoughtCrime: 09/16/89 English 1989-09-16
CODOH News Revisionist stripped of PhD, ThoughtCrime: 07/13/86 English 1986-07-13
CODOH News Abbe Pierre Condemned for Support of Revisionist, ThoughtCrime: 04/20/96 English 1996-04-20
CODOH News Bookstore Bombed for carrying Revisionist title, ThoughtCrime: 10/15/96 English 1996-10-15
Delcroix, E. LE THÉÂTRE DE SATAN: Décadence du droit Partialité des juges French 2004-07-08
Faurisson, R. Ecrits Revisionnistes (Tome II) De 1984 à 1989 French 2004-09-30
Faurisson, R. Robert Faurisson Documentary ( English Subtitled) French 2018-07-13
Faurisson, R. The Notin Affair, Historical News and Comment English 1990-10-01
Faurisson, R. Jewish Militants: Fifteen Years, and More, of Terrorism in France English 1996-03-01
Faurisson, R. A Black November for Revisionists English 2001-01-15
Faurisson, R. The Case of Gregory Chelli (alias Ulcan, alias ViolVocal), or the French Police’s Inaction, Thus Far, in the Face of a Form of Jewish Terrorism English 2014-08-25
Faurisson, R. An Assessment of the Garaudy/Abbe Pierre Affair, (January-October 1996) English 1996-11-01
Faurisson, R. On the Garaudy/Abbé Pierre Affair English 1997-07-01
Faurisson, R. New Attack Against Faurisson and Rami in Stockholm English 1993-07-01
Faurisson, R. Bilanz der Affäre Garaudy/Abbé Pierre, Januar bis Oktober 1996 German 1997-04-01
Faurisson, R. My Life as a Revisionist (September 1983 to September 1987), Paper Presented to the Eighth International Revisionist Conference English 1989-04-01
Faurisson, R. The Notin Affair: Jewish Organizations Make the Law English 1997-09-01
Faurisson, R. I am becoming… unnameable English 2014-03-16
Faurisson, R. Milices juives, Quinze ans – et plus – de terrorisme, en France French 1995-06-01
Faurisson, R. Roger Garaudy and Abbé Pierre Take a Few “Steps Back” English 1996-11-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Garaudy, R. Right to Reply, Reply to the Media Lynching of Abbé Pierre and Roger Garaudy English 1996-01-06
Garaudy, R. Réponse au lynchage médiatique de l'abbé Pierre et de Roger Garaudy, Droit de réponse French 1996-01-06
Groués, P. Reactions to: The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 1996-05-25
Guillaume, P. Droit et Histoire, Added Edition French 1986-08-20
Hernández, R. Vincent Reynouard: 23 Years of Persecution English 2015-09-08
Irving, D. Life Under Fire, The Wages of Apostasy English 1993-01-01
Merlin, D. Attack on Marine Le Pen is Crazy English 2018-09-30
Olodogma Affaire Dieudonné-Faurisson il diritto di "sbagliare", quindi di diritto di poter ascoltare Italian 2014-01-23
Olodogma Processo d'appello del Prof. Faurisson contro il giornale Le Monde Italian 2014-11-04
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione: ennesima perquisizione al Prof. Faurisson! Italian 2014-11-22
Olodogma Cattolici sconcertati dall'Auschwitz/nuovo Golgota dei cattolici Vingt-Trois e Patrick Desbois0 Italian 2014-11-26
Olodogma Libertà di espressione per Charlie Hebdo, e per "Tales of the Holohoax"(Racconti della beffa olocaustica) ? Italian 2015-01-10
Olodogma Krancic: Charlie Hebdo? Non colpisce il vero potere Italian 2015-01-16
Olodogma Legge ultima chance: i contrari: Silvia Truzzi su Dieudonné e reato di negazionismo Italian 2014-01-18
Olodogma volli ugo- legge anti-negazionismo (legge ultima chance) Italian 2015-01-19
Olodogma Frediano Sessi..." mi spiace dirlo, il negazionismo in Europa parla in italiano attraverso gli scritti di Carlo Mattogno" Italian 2015-01-15
Olodogma Regalo della "giustizia" francese per gli 86 anni del prof. Faurisson : una nuova persecuzione ! Italian 2015-01-26
Olodogma L'America, madre della religione della Shoah Italian 2015-02-14

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