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Author Document Language Published
CODOH News Ernst Nolte Dismissed, ThoughtCrime: 06/25/87 English 1987-06-25
CODOH News Terrorists Attack Historian's Automobile, ThoughtCrime: 02/10/88 English 1988-02-10
Stäglich, W. West German Court Rejects Judge Stäglich's Appeal, Historical News and Comment English 1988-04-01
CODOH News Discharge for German Military "Disputers", ThoughtCrime: 11/23/90 English 1990-11-23
Irving, D. Life Under Fire, The Wages of Apostasy English 1993-01-01
Weber, M. In Europe: Further Legal Persecution of Revisionists English 1993-09-01
Rudolf, G. "A form of collective insanity is now sweeping Germany", Rudolf's "Mystery Speaker" Statement English 1994-11-01
Porter, C. Brief für Reinhold Elstner German 1995-01-05
Weber, M. Irving Protests German Persecution of Holopaust Skeptics, Historian Still Banned From Germany English 1995-03-01
CODOH News Lawyer Attacked Outside Court, ThoughtCrime: 08/30/95 English 1995-08-30
CODOH News Germany Maintains Ban of Irving, ThoughtCrime: 03/22/96 English 1996-03-22
Weber, M. Important New German-Language Revisionist Quarterly English 1998-06-01
Weber, M. German ‘Indexing’ of IHR Leaflets Cancelled English 1999-03-15
Weber, M. German Professor, Accused of Revisionism, Commits Suicide English 2000-08-01
Zaverdinos, C. The Rudolf Case, Irving’s Lost Libel Suit and the Future of Revisionism, Suppressing Debate about Auschwitz English 2001-01-15
Rudolf, G. Discovering Absurdistan, The Deterioration of Civil Rights under the Influence of Wartime Propaganda English 2003-05-01
Pitlik, . BEHAUPTUNGEN UND SACHBEWEISE , Die KL Auschwitz I (Stammlager) und das KL Birkenau (KL II) German 2003-08-20
Stolz, S. IN DER STRAFSACHE ERNST ZÜNDEL German 2003-08-30
Ben Abbamari, M. Revisionism as a Political Factor in Germany English 2004-05-01
Rudolf, G. Kardinalfragen an Deutschlands Politiker German 2005-03-05
Rudolf, G. Should Germany Outlaw Humanity? English 2005-09-01
Eisen, P. Germar Rudolf / Galileo Revisited English 2012-10-23
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft. Horst Mahler: "Das Ende Der Wanderschaft" Italian 2013-06-09
Olodogma Il revisionista tedesco Thorsten Schuster condannato per un racconto Italian 2013-06-28
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft: la persecuzione del politischer gefangener Horst Mahler Italian 2013-06-29
Olodogma Deutschland = Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft: processata anche la moglie del revisionista Udo Walendy Italian 2013-07-02
Olodogma $hoaholoca$h ! Estorsione continuata e frode: dolocau$to da un miliardo di dollari...paga il Tedesco Italian 2013-07-04
Olodogma Il Gotteskampf di Johann von Leers – 2 Italian 2013-07-04
Olodogma Comunicato di Wolfgang Fröhlich, ingegnere, revisionista, internato in un lager sterminazionista Italian 2013-07-24
Olodogma Libertà di espressione? Per il giudice Hoffmann-Riem in Germania non esiste Italian 2013-08-08
Olodogma La "Organisationsform einer Modalitaet der Fremdherrschaft" ordina: "il revisionista internato Horst Malher non deve più scrivere"! Italian 2013-08-26
Olodogma Johannes Lerle incarcerato in Germania per aver messo in dubbio il dogma dei sei milioni Italian 2013-09-27
Olodogma Quanto si reprime il Revisionismo storico nel GROD / TERRA RIEDUCATA (Germania) Italian 2013-09-30
Olodogma Repressione del revisionismo nel GROD/TERRA RIEDUCATA [Germania], §130, Hans Püschel ex Ortsbürgermeister Italian 2013-10-03
Olodogma La mort d'Erich Priebke livre un important message Italian 2013-10-12
Olodogma La mort d'Erich Priebke livre un important message French 2013-10-12
Olodogma Appello di Andreas Saß, Rigolf Hennig, Udo Voigt, Gerd Honsik, Jurij Below, Guenter Deckert, Adrian Preissinger,Herbert Fritzal al Governo Federale Tedesco per ricusare per intero la validità del verdetto di Norimberga Italian 2013-11-17
Olodogma Comunicato stampa di Wolfgang Fröhlich, revisionista, internato per 9 anni per leso olocau$to ebraico Italian 2013-12-02
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione: notizie sul tedesco revisionista internato Gerd Ittner Italian 2013-12-06
Olodogma Solstizio d'Inverno, Natale, auguri ai revisionisti internati nei lager olocau$to-sterminazionisti Italian 2013-12-07

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