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Author Document Language Published
Rudolf, G. "A form of collective insanity is now sweeping Germany", Rudolf's "Mystery Speaker" Statement English 1994-11-01
Stäglich, W. 'Der Auschwitz Mythos': A Book and Its Fate in the German Federal Republic, Paper presented to the 1983 International Revisionist Conference English 1984-04-01
Alvarez, S. 10 Months Prison for Ursula Haverbeck English 2015-11-28
Ittner, G. 18 More Months for Gerhard Ittner for Doubting the Indubitable English 2015-11-17
Faurisson, R. A Black November for Revisionists English 2001-01-15
Smith, B. A Legal Inquiry Continues English 1995-10-01
Allen, A. A Legal Inquiry Continues English 1995-10-01
Rudolf, G. A Revisionist in Prison English 2012-10-01
Dumas, S. A Tale of Two 'Genocides' English 2000-01-01
Schmidt, H. A Warning to Travelers and Travel Agents from a Friend of Freedom, German Speech Control Laws Limit American Freedoms English 1995-01-10
Pitlik, . BEHAUPTUNGEN UND SACHBEWEISE , Die KL Auschwitz I (Stammlager) und das KL Birkenau (KL II) German 2003-08-20
Smith, B. Bishop Richard Williamson Fined for Holocaust Denial in Germany, Updates and Current Events English 2013-02-15
Kollerstrom, N. Bishop Williamson Vindicated, then Ousted English 2013-04-01
Porter, C. Brief für Reinhold Elstner German 1995-01-05
Smith, B. Carlos Porter, Sentenced in Germany, Says “Nuts” from Belgium English 1997-02-01
Bellinger, J. Criminalizing Conscience English 2014-05-23
CODOH News Deckert Arrested for Suspicion of Book Authorship, ThoughtCrime: 11/09/95 English 1995-11-09
Rudolf, G. Discovering Absurdistan, The Deterioration of Civil Rights under the Influence of Wartime Propaganda English 2003-05-01
Weber, M. Dissident German Historian Punished for Revisionist Writings, Udo Walendy in Prison English 1998-10-01
Weber, M. Dissident Historical Views Banned in Germany, Two-Year Prison Sentence for 'Holocaust Denial' English 1995-05-01
Butz, A. Dr . Fredrick Töben of Adelaide, Australia, arrested in Germany English 1999-04-08
CODOH News Dr. Fredrick Töben imprisoned in 'Democratic' Germany, ThoughtCrime: 04/08/99 English 1999-04-08
Butz, A. Dr. Fredrick Töben returns to Australia English 1999-12-16
Widmann, R. El Caso del Obispo Richard Williamson Spanish 2009-01-03
Hoffman, M. Elderly German Lady Sentenced to 10 Months in Prison for Doubting Auschwitz Extermination Claims English 2015-11-12
CODOH News Ernst Zündel sentenced to 5 Years in Germany, ThoughtCrime: 02/15/07 English 2007-02-15
Rimland, I. Ernst Zündel: His Struggle for Germany, A Curriculum in Historical Dates and Keywords English 2003-05-01
CODOH News Fred Leuchter Arrested in Germany, ThoughtCrime: 10/28/93 English 1993-10-28
Weber, M. Fred Leuchter Arrested in Germany, IHR Protests Politically-Motivated Act of Censorship English 1993-11-01
Widmann, R. Fredrick Töben Arrested for Thoughtcrime, Internet Roundup English 1999-06-01
Grubach, P. Freedom of Speech and Holocaust Revisionism in Germany and Austria English 2005-01-12
Hernández, R. Gerhard Ittner: When Revisionists Are Called Terrorists, Persecution and Prosecution of Revisionists English 2015-11-03
CODOH German Censors Indict CompuServe Official English 1997-02-26
CODOH News German Court Jails Deckert for Two Years, ThoughtCrime: 04/21/95 English 1995-04-21
CODOH News German Court Jails Yuppie for Denying Holocaust, ThoughtCrime: 08/29/95 English 1995-08-29
Smith, B. German Court Orders Book Burned; 100 Intellectuals Protest English 1996-07-01
CODOH News German Court Orders Nuremberg book Confiscated, Author Fined, ThoughtCrime: 12/12/96 English 1996-12-12
Weber, M. German Court Ruling Threatens Internet Freedom, Update English 2001-01-15
Töben, F. German Court Sentences Australian Holocaust Skeptic, Dr. Töben Free After Seven Months in Custody English 1999-12-15
Ittner, G. German Facebook Provocation on Holocaust Results in Stiff Fine English 2015-11-13

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