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Author Document Language Published
Smith, B. SR Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists, 1997-06-01 English
Stäglich, W. 'Der Auschwitz Mythos': A Book and Its Fate in the German Federal Republic, Paper presented to the 1983 International Revisionist Conference English 1984-04-01
Christophersen, T. Reflections on Auschwitz and West German Justice English 1985-04-01
CODOH News Police Raid Judge's Home, ThoughtCrime: 04/08/86 English 1986-04-08
CODOH News Zündel Arrested in Munich, ThoughtCrime: 03/22/91 English 1991-03-22
CODOH News Irving Fined 10,000 Marks, ThoughtCrime: 05/05/92 English 1992-05-05
CODOH News German General Sentenced To Imprisonment, ThoughtCrime: 10/22/92 English 1992-10-22
Weber, M. Irving Conviction in Germany Upheld, Fine Tripled, Historian Ordered to Pay $18,000 for ‘Gas Chamber’ Remarks English 1993-03-01
Weber, M. Otto-Ernst Remer Sentenced to 22 Months Imprisonment for Revisionist Publications English 1993-03-01
Weber, M. Political Leader Punished German Sentenced for Translating Leuchter Address English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. In Europe: Further Legal Persecution of Revisionists English 1993-09-01
CODOH News Fred Leuchter Arrested in Germany, ThoughtCrime: 10/28/93 English 1993-10-28
Weber, M. Fred Leuchter Arrested in Germany, IHR Protests Politically-Motivated Act of Censorship English 1993-11-01
Delcroix, E. La Police de la pensée, Part 1 French 1994-01-01
Delcroix, E. La Police de la pensée, Table des Matières, Introduction French 1994-01-01
Weber, M. Remer Evades Imprisonment for "Thought Crime" English 1994-05-01
Rudolf, G. "A form of collective insanity is now sweeping Germany", Rudolf's "Mystery Speaker" Statement English 1994-11-01
Porter, C. Brief für Reinhold Elstner German 1995-01-05
Schmidt, H. A Warning to Travelers and Travel Agents from a Friend of Freedom, German Speech Control Laws Limit American Freedoms English 1995-01-10
Weber, M. Irving Protests German Persecution of Holopaust Skeptics, Historian Still Banned From Germany English 1995-03-01
CODOH News German Publisher Raided, ThoughtCrime: 03/27/95 English 1995-03-27
CODOH News German Court Jails Deckert for Two Years, ThoughtCrime: 04/21/95 English 1995-04-21
Weber, M. Revisionist Books Seized in German Police Raid English 1995-05-01
Weber, M. Dissident Historical Views Banned in Germany, Two-Year Prison Sentence for 'Holocaust Denial' English 1995-05-01
Weber, M. Remer Seeks Asylum in Spain English 1995-07-01
CODOH News German-American Jailed for Writing Letter, ThoughtCrime: 08/08/95 English 1995-08-08
CODOH News German Court Jails Yuppie for Denying Holocaust, ThoughtCrime: 08/29/95 English 1995-08-29
Smith, B. Hans Schmidt in Jail English 1995-09-01
Allen, A. It’s a new Germany!, Even Ordinary Bureaucrats Display a Sophisticated Sense of Humor English 1995-09-01
Weber, M. Hans Schmidt Arrested in Germany, German Police Hold US Citizen in Unusual Free Speech Case English 1995-09-01
Smith, B. A Legal Inquiry Continues English 1995-10-01
Allen, A. A Legal Inquiry Continues English 1995-10-01
CODOH News Deckert Arrested for Suspicion of Book Authorship, ThoughtCrime: 11/09/95 English 1995-11-09
Schmidt, H. Travelers Alert Germany English 1996-01-01
CODOH Germany's Biggest 'Net provider Bans 1,500 sites English 1996-01-27
CODOH German Prosecutors Probe AOL English 1996-02-02
CODOH News Revisionist's Home Raided by German Police, ThoughtCrime: 02/12/96 English 1996-02-12
Smith, B. German Court Orders Book Burned; 100 Intellectuals Protest English 1996-07-01
Lindtner, C. Germany Violates the Freedom of Expression English 1996-10-19
CODOH News Lutheran Minister Sentenced to Six Months for Revisionism, ThoughtCrime: 12/02/96 English 1996-12-02

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