Revisionism is not about Jews or the Jewish religion. It just happens to deal with an aspect of history in which Jews play a major role. Hence it is inevitable that Jewish topics are raised on occasion, and we aren’t going to avoid them here either.


Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Olodogma israele è : un imbroglio diplomatico, istituzionale, religioso, economico, societario... Italian 2013-05-02
Olodogma L’ambigua evidenza. L’identità ebraica tra razza e nazione", recensione dell'opera di Gianantonio Valli Italian 2013-04-09
Olodogma Le valenze dell'olocau$to in Holocaustica religio,psicosi ebraica, progetto mondialista Italian 2013-02-14
Olodogma Ebraismo, razzismo, antisemitismo... nella gran confusione, non se n'esce Italian 2012-12-03
Atzmon, G. Gilad Atzmon Talks about Zionist Pressure Groups & Jewish Identity Politics on Red Ice Radio English 2017-03-07
Hernández, R. ¿Oliver Stone dejará las cosas claras? Spanish 2016-02-18
Rucker, J. Being Jewish: Remembering the Holocaust English 2015-09-08
Smith, B. Outlaw History #5, No Difference Between Victims and Victimizers English 2004-10-27
Smith, B. Outlaw History #4, Henry Miller, Intellectual Freedom, and the True Nature of the Jews English 2004-10-22
Olodogma Repressione della libertà di espressione: il caso gatti stefano/osservatorio antisemitismo (!), ebreo, ed il neonazista "famigerato", Dr.Gianantonio Valli Italian 2013-07-09
Ford, H. LE JUIF INTERNATIONAL French 1920-00-00
Beit-Zv, S. Post-Ugandan Zionism On Trial, A Study of the Factors that Caused the Mistakes Made by the Zionist Movement during the Holocaust English 1991-06-30
Shamir, I. Entre la «guerre juive» et le «complot américano- sioniste» French 2003-06-27
Taguieff, P. Entre la «guerre juive» et le «complot américano- sioniste» French 2003-06-27
Wright, E. The Great Zionist Cover up English 1975-06-28
Shamir, I. La Feuille de route du Marquis de Sade French 2003-06-18
Jabotinsky, V. Le mur de fer (Nous et les Arabes) French 1923-11-06
Shamir, I. OUR LADY OF SORROW, (A collection of spiritual essays by Israel Shamir) English 2018-06-21
Brenner, L. The Iron Wall, Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir English 1984-06-20
Burg, J. Sionnazi English 1980-06-14
Sizer, S. Christian Zionism: Its History, Theology and Politics English 2001-08-02
Shamir, I. Le Manifeste ( Judéo-Nazi ) d’Ariel Sharon English 2002-06-08
Shamir, I. Le Manifeste ( Judéo-Nazi ) d’Ariel Sharon Spanish 2002-06-08
Shamir, I. Le Manifeste ( Judéo-Nazi ) d’Ariel Sharon French 2002-06-08
Leon, A. The Jewish Question, A Marxist Interpretation English 1946-06-08
Lazare, B. Anti-semitism its History and Causes English 1984-06-08
Ford, H. Der internationale Jude English 1937-07-06
Weber, M. Jews: A Religious Community, a People, or a Race? English 2000-06-01