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The establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine was justified as a necessary protection from another Holocaust. Thus, the creation of modern Israel on the land of another people is a direct political consequence of the Holocaust lore. Contributions in this section deal with the creation and history of the Jewish State, covering its political, societal, religious, and military trials and tribulations, as well as the relationship it has with its neighbors and its treatment of Israel's ethnically non-Jewish inhabitants.

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Author Document Language Published
Shahak, I. Systematic murder of PoW's and suspects by Israeli forces: the so-called 'certification of death' English 1995-03-21
Thion, S. European History and the Arab World English 1993-01-01
Shamir, I. The Lousiness Test English 2000-10-31
Brewer, G. The Path from the World Trade Center to Peace English 2002-03-01
Brewer, G. Whatever Happened to Israel? English 2002-03-01
Marquardt, R. It's the Water, Stupid English 2002-01-01
Brewer, G. Israel's Diminishing Options English 2002-01-01
Brewer, G. The Arafat Conspiracy English 2001-02-01
Brandon, L. Assault on the Liberty, A Review English 1980-08-01
Grubach, P. Israel and the United States, The Grand Misalliance. A Review English 2007-01-01
Scott, F. The Holocaust, Palestine and Israel, Revision, Denial and Myth English 2005-01-01
Grubach, P. Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard English 2002-01-01
Smith, B. Blessed Are (Some of) the Peacemakers English 1996-04-01
Smith, B. Notes on the Culture Wars English 1996-10-01
Sobran, J. Free Pollard, our Scapegoat, Pollard – His opponents say the secrets he stole did immense damage to the United States. Personally, I hadn't noticed. English 1991-01-01
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Sobran, J. Let's represent U.S. interests for once, instead of Israel's English 1988-01-01
Sobran, J. Allies: Don't Let Our Soldiers Die!, Did Israel deliberately allow 241 American Marines to die? A Review English 1991-01-01
Sobran, J. American Palestinian boy tortured, slain; is this not terror? English 1989-08-28
Smith, B. The Palestinians are Doing it all Wrong English 2002-01-01
Shamir, I. Summer Fool, Winter Fool English 2001-02-04
Shamir, I. Joseph Revisited English 2001-03-03
Shamir, I. Galilee Flowers English 2001-02-25
Shamir, I. Kid Sister English 2001-02-17
Shamir, I. Rape of Dulcinia English 2001-01-27
Sobran, J. Why we few criticize Israel English 2000-01-01
Sensor, W. The Fraud of Zionism English 2000-01-01
Scott, F. The Holocaust, Palestine and Israel: Revision, Denial and Myth English 2005-01-01
Sobran, J. In Our Hands English 1996-06-13
Smith, B. CODOHWeb Helping to Set the Record Straight on Zionism, Israel and the Palestinians English 1997-09-01
Cohen Vaxberg, N. The Holocaust's Visit to Yad Vashem, "I am the Holocaust, the best thing that ever happened to you!" English 2014-11-04
Rucker, J. Did the Holocaust Cause Israel, or... English 2014-12-13
Olodogma Sarchiapone 4 - adl, Anti-Defamation League, israele, olocausto, antisemitismo,come ti educo il pupo! Italian 2013-04-01
Olodogma Luce sul mondo dell’orrore sionista...di Gilad Atzmon Italian 2013-04-23
Olodogma 2- ‘Innata Societas’ o ‘Simulata Societas’?di Alberto B. Mariantoni Italian 2013-05-03
Finkelstein, N. Memorabilia : CrossTalk on Holocaust Murder Revenues English 2017-07-25
Olodogma Letta ed altri: il rito di umiliazione, cerimonia della kippah, genuflessione al tempio maggiore dell'olocau$tianesimo Italian 2013-07-04
Olodogma Libri di Gian Pio Mattogno: L’imperialismo ebraico + La non-umanità dei gojim nel Talmud e nella letteratura rabbinica Italian 2013-07-05
Olodogma Endlösung der Damianifrage: repressione della libertà di espressione, nuovo attacco al professor Franco Damiani Italian 2013-06-07
Olodogma Jacques Vecker scrive all'ebreo,israeliano,pacifista e antisionista Michel Warschawski Italian 2013-07-25
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