Non-Israeli Zionism

If it weren’t for the ardent support of millions of Zionists throughout the world, modern-day Israel would probably have ceased to exist a long time ago. Zionism is thus a worldwide phenomenon with probably more adherents among Christians than among Jews. Zionists are also at the forefront of those battling revisionism, although much more with persecution and prosecution rather than with arguments. Papers in this section deal with this fifth column of Israel.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
1- Giacinto Auriti.La moneta.Dio o Mammona? La moneta-debito,per soggiogare i popoli.Il "messia" - 1 Italian 2013-06-28
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Bolton, K. Roots of Present World Conflict, Zionist Machinations and Western Duplicity during World War I English 2014-08-29
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Dilling, E. The Jewish Religion. Its Influence Today English 2018-07-05
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Kues, T. Nazis and Arab Nationalists Can Speak the Truth – Jeffrey Herf Can Distort Reality English 2012-10-29
Lilienthal, A. Zionism & American Jews English 1981-07-01
Macvie, E. The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics, A Review English 2012-04-01
Merlin, D. Expanding the Legal definition of anti-Semitism. English 2017-03-10
Morris, B. BENNY MORRIS SE DÉVOILE French 2018-07-13
Olodogma Pacelli Eugenio, sedicente Pio XII, un amico degli "ebrei" (detto da "ebrei") Italian 2015-03-06
Olodogma Le selezioni dell'ebrea sionista meir golda...ammalati e portatori di handicap in israele? No, grazie! Italian 2015-03-07
Olodogma Chiediti quanti rothschild sono morti nell'olocausto. Intervista a Gilad Atzmon Italian 2015-03-27
Olodogma Ghettizzazione e deportazioni cattive: l'ebraica... e buone: l'israliena Italian 2015-04-05
Olodogma Pierluigi Battista ed i vignettisti italiani a Teheran Italian 2015-04-15
Olodogma Invasione allogena tramite il senso di colpa degli europei veicolato dai neocomunisti Italian 2015-03-01
Olodogma Del diritto della donna nel ghetto di Palestina... sedicente "unica democrazia del medioriente" Italian 2014-11-30