Revisionist Personalities

(Auto)biographic accounts of revisionist authors, usually related to their revisionist endeavors, leading to various kinds of persecutorial measures. This is not a list of authors of contributions posted on this site. For this see the "Authors" entry in the "Search the library" widget in the left sidebar.


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Author Document Language Published
Berg, F. Memorabilia: Fritz Berg TV interview on Gas Wagons and more (1 of 3) English 2019-03-20
Berg, F. Memorabilia: Diesel Gas Wagons and Zyklon B English 2018-07-26
Mens, P. Elévation French 2018-10-27
O'Keefe, T. Holocaust Revisionism Debate 1990 Ted O'Keefe and Mark Weber (1hr:55 min) English 2019-10-12
Soral, A. Alain Soral – My Homage to Robert Faurisson, First Published at English 2018-10-29
Atzmon, G. Gilad Atzmon Pays Tribute to Professor Robert Faurisson, First Published at Gilad Atzmon Site ( English 2018-10-26
BBC Dr. Niels Harrit Interview with "Brain-dead" BBC Reporter (2:12:50 Hrs) English 2020-02-13
Bolton, K. H. Keith Thompson Jr., Profiles in History English 2014-05-23
Brenner, L. The Iron Wall, Zionist Revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir English 1984-06-20
Burg, J. UN JUIF RÉVISIONNISTE French 1988-06-12
Butz, A. Dr. Arthur Butz - Historical Past vs Political Present (2000) English 2019-04-23
Butz, A. Memorabilia: Prof. Arthur Butz, Historical Past vs Political Present at the 13th IHR Conference English 2019-01-29
Butz, A. Prof. Arthur Butz Speaks at the 11th Conference of the Institute for Historical Review in 1992 English 2019-12-03
Butz, A. Dr. Arthur Butz-Historical Video Past vs. Political Present (2000) (1:21 min) English 2019-09-10
Butz, A. Dr. Arthur Butz-Historical Past vs. Political Present 2000 (1:14:21 min) English 2019-11-23
Butz, A. Slick Revisionists English 1996-10-29
Carto, W. Memorabilia: Is the Major Media Controlled? Willis Carto English 2018-12-11
Carto, W. Memorial for Patriot Willis Carto by His Wife, Elisabeth Carto, with Brian Ruhe (Part 1) English 2018-11-24
Chabloz, A. FIghting Back and Winning (22:13 Min) English 2020-01-17
Chabloz, A. Alain Soral – My Homage to Robert Faurisson, First Published at English 2018-10-29
Chomsky, N. Memorabilia: The Faurisson Affair English 2018-12-04
Christie, D. Overcoming Threats to Freedom English 2019-05-23
Cole, D. Ernst Zundel Exploring Auschwitz with David Cole (26:44 Min) English 2020-02-15
Cole, D. Ernst Zündel Exploring Auschwitz with David Cole (26:44 Min) English 2020-02-09
Cole, D. Ernst Zundel Interviews David Cole 1994 (57:17 min) English 2019-12-03
Cole, D. Interview With Famous "Holocaust Denier" David Cole Stein Vinny Eastwood English 2017-04-27
Collins, D. Doug Christie Soldiering On! English 2018-11-14
Countess, R. Exactitude, Festschrift for Robert Faurisson to his 75th Birthday English 2004-01-25
Edmonds, R. Memorabilia: Horst Mahler Rescue Appeal , (by Lady M Renouf & Richard Edmonds) English 2017-04-22
Faurisson, R. The Inaugural Robert Faurisson International Prize, Storyboard by Michèle Renouf (Assemblage totale by Tony Gamblin) English 2019-06-04
Faurisson, R. Memorabilia: Robert Faurisson on Raul Hilberg English 2019-03-26
Faurisson, R. Memorabilia: Last Speech of Professor Robert Faurisson English 2019-03-13
Faurisson, R. An Analysis of the Novel Night by Elie Wiesel (27:28 Min) English 2020-02-11
Faurisson, R. RÉPONSE à Pierre Vidal-Naquet French 1982-12-11
Faurisson, R. Is The Diary of Anne Frank Genuine? English 2018-07-19
Faurisson, R. Memorabilia: The Faurisson Affair English 2018-12-04
Faurisson, R. Fond Memories of Dr. Robert Faurisson by Mark Weber, IHR and Paul Fromm English 2018-11-23
Faurisson, R. Céline devant le mensonge du siècle & Notes céliniennes French 2002-09-26
Faurisson, R. Robert Faurisson a Revisionist Life (Part 4 of 4) 1990 English 2018-10-09

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