Garaudy, Roger

A former French Communist leader, philosopher and recent convert to Revisionism and Islam, Garaudy was charged, tried and convicted for writing a semi-Revisionist book titled The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, in which he had quoted extensively from material by Dr. Faurisson (without attribution) and by Barbara Kulaszka's book Did Six Million Really Die? (with attribution). He was condemned to a $50,000 fine. His trial was a farce and his performance in court disappointing. However, as a result, he seems to have kicked loose an avalanche of Revisionist thought and activities in the Moslem world, much to the chagrin of Israel -- a country that more and more considers Revisionism its Number One problem.

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Author Document Language Published
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Smith, B. French Trial Unleashes Mideast Revolt against Holocaust Cult English 1998-02-01
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Faurisson, R. Bilanz der Affäre Garaudy/Abbé Pierre, Januar bis Oktober 1996 German 1997-04-01
Un Piéton de Paris L'affaire Garaudy, ou comment la presse est allé porter la bonne nouvelle révisionniste jusqu'aux dernières chaumières du royaume French 1996-01-04
Heikal, M. Foreword to the Arabic Edition of Garaudy’s "The Founding Myths of Modern Israel" English 2001-03-01
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The TransCyberian Express The Roger Garaudy Affair English 1996-01-05
Martello, R. French Study of Israel’s ‘Founding Myths’ Provokes Furious Attack English 1996-03-01
CODOH News Abbe Pierre Condemned for Support of Revisionist, ThoughtCrime: 04/20/96 English 1996-04-20
CODOH News Bookstore Bombed for carrying Revisionist title, ThoughtCrime: 10/15/96 English 1996-10-15
CODOH News French Investigate Garaudy for Holocaust Revisionism, ThoughtCrime: 04/25/96 English 1996-04-25
Olodogma Perchè è caccia a Dieudonné? Ospitò Robert Faurisson e non crede più alle camere a gas di Auschwitz! Italian 2014-01-08

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