he sites listed below are intended to assist the reader in their research on relevant issues.  The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust does not necessarily endorse the opinions or views presented on any of the sites listed.  We aren't responsible for everything a writer writes, who his friends are, or everyone he communicates with.

We have grouped sites generally as Revisionist, Holocaust Fundamentalist, Holocaust Museums, Free Speech, interesting Blogs, Book Sellers and Other sites of interest.  Over time we may add additional categories and plan to add additional sites as we discover them.  In order to have a truly open debate on the subject of the Holocaust, it is critically important that readers familiarize themselves with both Fundamentalist viewpoints, Revisionist viewpoints, and perhaps most importantly the struggle for all to speak, write and think freely on this subject.  Happy surfing!

Traveler Alert Germany!

Revisionist Sites

  1. AAARGH: L'Association des Anciens Amateurs de Récits de Guerres et d'Holocaustes
  2. Adelaide Institute: The Official Website of the Adelaide Institute
  3. Air Photo Evidence: Maps drawn from World War 2 Photos
  4. Barnes Review: The Web site of The Barnes Review and the TBR Book club
  5. Carlos Whitlock Porter: The Home Web Page of Carlos Whitlock Porter
  6. Dansk Selskab for Frei Historisk Forskning (our anti-virus software claims that a JavaScript file on that site downloaded to your computer when accessing this website contains a Trojan Horse! Hence beware!)
  7. Elie Wiesel Cons the World: A website dedicated to exposing the false testimony of the world's most famous Holocaust survivor
  8. Focal Point Publications: Publishers of works of Real History by David Irving and other authors
  9. Freda Utley: Life and Times
  10. Friedrich Paul Berg:
  11. Giwer's World: Welcome to my World
  12. Holocaust Handbooks and Movies: Cutting edge revisionist books and documentaries for free download
  13. Holocaust Fact: Welcome to
  14. Holocaust Historiography Project: Dedicated to examining the disparities between "the Holocaust" as it is commonly known and the actual historiography of "the Holocaust."
  15. Inconvenient History: A Quarterly Journal for Free Historical Inquiry
  16. Institute for Historical Review: Founded in 1978, the Institute for Historical Review is a public interest educational, research and publishing center dedicated to promoting greater public awareness of history, and especially socially-politically relevant aspects of twentieth century history.
  17. Les Revues Révisionnistes
  18. The National Association of Forensic Criminologists, Archeologists, Skeptics and Historians (NAFCASH): Exposing Historical Fraud via The Scientific Method
  19. Holocaust Denial Videos: A collection of holocaust revisionist movie and more
  20. Reflections upon the Holocaust: The gassing is not the Holocaust. And the Holocaust is not the gassing.
  21. Revisionist History: Dedicated to the Works of Michael A. Hoffman II
  22. Celebrate the new era of truth in history!
  23. Telling Films: Exploding Historical Myths, Revealing Establishment TwistSpeak
  24. VHO / Castle Hill Publishers: The World's Largest Website for Historical Revisionism
  25. Zundelsite: Dedicated to Ernst Zündel -Prisoner of Conscience

Holocaust Fundamentalist and Anti-Revisionist Sites

  1. Aktion Reinhard Camps: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek.
  2. Holocaust and Genocide Studies: This Oxford Journal is an international journal featuring research articles, interpretive essays, and book reviews in the social sciences and humanities.
  3. Holocaust Denial On Trial: This Website is a project of Emory University's Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies.
  4. Holocaust History Project : A free archive of documents, photographs, recordings, and essays regarding the Holocaust, including direct refutation of Holocaust-denial.
  5. Holocaust-Referenz: Argumente gegen Auschwitzleugner
  6. Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, by John-Claude Pressac: presented by the Holocaust History Project.
  7. The Mazal Library: A Holocaust Resource
  8. Nizkor Project: Dedicated to 12 million Holocaust victims who suffered and died at the hands of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime

Holocaust Memorial and Museum Sites

  1. Auschwitz-Birkenau: Official Site of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim, Poland
  2. Belzec: Official Site of the Belzec Museum.  Only in Polish.
  3. Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation: Official site of the Buchenwald memorial.
  4. Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site: English pages of the Official Site of the Dachau Memorial
  5. Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork: Official Site of the Camp at Westerbork, Netherlands.
  6. State Museum at Majdanek: The State Museum at Majdanek was established in the autumn of 1944 on a part of terrain that belonged to the concentration camp.
  7. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: The National Museum in Washington, D.C.
  8. Yad Vashem: The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

Free Speech Sites

  1. Banned Books OnLine: Welcome to this special exhibit of books that have been the objects of censorship or censorship attempts
  2. Center for Democracy and Technology: Working for Democratic Values in a Digital Age
  3. DePaul Academic Freedom Committee: Academic Freedom Committee is a student organization at DePaul University that seeks to preserve academic freedom on campus. Recently, there have been a number of academic freedom infringements at DePaul. We are a group of students that have organized to bring attention to these events and work for those who have been silenced.
  4. Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC): Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
  5. First Amendment Center: "The freedom of the press is not the freedom of propaganda or pornography. It is the freedom to discuss the hardest questions and to find answers."
  6. Freedom Site: Canadian Freedom Resource Center
  7. Historians Behind Bars: Serving Persecuted Historians.  Your connection to those imprisoned for their ideas.
  8. Human Rights Watch: Defending Human Rights Worldwide
  9. National Coalition Against Censorship: Action | Advocacy | Education | in support of free expression.


  1. Andrea Carancini: (Italian)
  2. DesertPeace: Aiming to establish a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine
  3. Eco Revisionista: Revisionismo al Holocausto (Spanish)
  4. Fredrick Töben: Home page of this German-Australian revisionist, founder of the Adelaide Institute
  5. Germar Rudolf: The Persecution of a German Scholar
  6. History on Trial: Comments by Deborah E. Lipstadt 
  7. Hoover Hog: Recreational ThoughtCrime for Restive Shut-ins
  8. Inconvenient History: An Independent Revisionist Blog
  9. Jürgen Graf: The writings of the well-known Swiss revisionist
  10. Liberal White Boy: a self-loathing Christian
  11. On the Contrary: Weblog of Michael A. Hoffman II
  12. peacepalestine: There will always be a Palestine
  13. Revisionismo em Linha:  The Principle face of Revisionism in Portugal
  14. Robert Faurisson: Le Blog Inofficiel / The Unofficial Blog

Israel, Palestine and Zionism

  1. If Americans Knew: what every American needs to know about Israel / Palestine.
  2. Washington Report on Middle East Affairs: to provide the American public with balanced and accurate information concerning U.S. relations with Middle Eastern states.
  3. Writings of Israel Shamir: Championing Democracy for Israel and Palestine
  4. Rebel News Dissident News and Analysis for the Global Resistance

Conservative and Libertarian Views

  1. American Cause: Patrick J. Buchanan founder
  2. American Conservative: The conservative movement has been hijacked...
  3. The Ayn Rand Institute: News and Highlights
  4. Chronicles Magazine: The Official Website of Chronicles and the Rockford Institute
  5. CounterPunch: "America's Best Political Newsletter"
  6. Dispatches from the Last Ditch: Views on Liberty and Civility you won't find elsewhere no matter how much you dig
  7. anti-state, anti-war, pro-market
  8. Ludwig von Mises Institute: Advancing the Scholarship of Liberty of the Austrian School
  9. Sobran's: The Real News of the Month

Book Sellers

  1. AbeBooks: The world's largest online marketplace for books
  2. The World's Largest Bookstore. 
  3. Historical Review Press: Hard to find rare and controversial books, films and music.
  4. Scriptorium: History is not black and white...

Software and Tools

  1. Google Translate: Translate Text, Translate a Web page.
  2. Internet Archive: Way Back Machine: Browse through 85 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago.
  3. Tor: Anonymity online

Other Sites of Interest

  1. Your best source for antiwar news, viewpoints, and activities.
  2. Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth: 9/11 Reexamining the 3 WTC high-rise "collapses."
  3. The Heretical Press: Home of the imprisoned "Heretical Two"
  4. Metapedia: The Alternative Encyclopedia
  5. Norman G. Finkelstein: Welcome to the Official Website of Norman G. Finkelstein
  6. Nuremberg Trials Project: A Digital Document Collection
  7. The Occidental Observer: The Occidental Observer will present original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West.
  8. The People's Voice: News and Viewpoints Environmental, political, and social justice issues.
  9. The Radical Press: Digging to the root of the issues since 1998
  10. Scrapbook Pages: "There was a place to go to, and we went, High-hearted with a hunger for the new."
  11. Rumor has it - Urban Legends Reference Pages.
  12. Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia