What influence is exercised on a society, when its children, from a very young age, are constantly bombarded with atrocity stories in books, documentaries and movies, depicting certain ethnic groups as diabolically evil perpetrators, and another as composed of innocent victims deserving all the compassion we can muster? Depicting history and the world in unrealistic black and white patterns must deform a society. Papers listed here address this issue.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
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Widmann, R. Diagnosis without Cure, A Review English 2002-08-01
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Smith, B. "Self-Hating" Historiographer Dead at 77 English 2012-03-13
Rucker, J. Holocaust Education: From the Mouths of Babes English 2012-04-30
Rucker, J. How the Holocaust Claims Fresh Victims—Today English 2015-10-10
Cohen Vaxberg, N. The Holocaust's Visit to Yad Vashem, "I am the Holocaust, the best thing that ever happened to you!" English 2014-11-04
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Rucker, J. Philip Weiss: The Holocaust’s Shylock English 2014-05-14
Olodogma Gilad Atzmon : Lo sfruttamento politico di Auschwitz,mito della società aperta Italian 2017-02-21