Issue: No. 4
Title page TR 4/2004

Volume 2 · Issue 4 · December 2004

German Forced Labor:
Millions as Allied Slaves, p. 364

British War Crime Exposed:
TV Blames Victims, p. 369

Sauna – Crime against Humanity:
Steam Weapon of Mass Delusion, p. 371

Survivor Story Analyzed:
Contradictions Reveal Truth, p. 374

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity:
Is There More than One Reality? p. 379

No Holes, No Holocaust:
How Did the Zyklon B Get into
the Gas Chambers? p. 385-436

British Air Photos of Auschwitz:
Keele University Promotes Lies, p. 444

The Mel Mermelstein Lie:
Lies about a Liar, p. 446

German Historian Turns Revisionist:
Prof. Maser’s “Lies about Hitler,” p. 455

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Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Schlee, P. German Forced Labor and its Compensation, A Postwar Problem to Be Finally Resolved English 2004-12-01
Rudolf, G. A Two Year Experiment English 2004-12-01
Rudolf, G. England's Keele University Spreads Holocaust Propaganda English 2004-12-01
Rudolf, G. The International Auschwitz Controversy, A Review English 2004-12-01
Rudolf, G. The Elusive Holes of Death English 2004-12-01
Hartmann, D. The Mermelstein Lie English 2004-12-01
Manon, E. Reality and "Wirklichkeit", Objective and Subjective Reality English 2004-12-01
Mattogno, C. Memories about Russell Granata (Aug. 22, 1923 – Aug. 14, 2004), Obituary English 2004-12-01
Rudolf, G. The Courage of a Secure Retiree, A Review English 2004-12-01
Töben, F. In Brief English 2005-12-01
Rudolf, G. In Brief English 2005-12-01
Baum, G. Auschwitz: The Paradox of Experiences, How a Witness Did Not See the Forest for the Trees English 2004-12-01
Mattogno, C. The Openings for the Introduction of Zyklon B, Part 2, The Roof of Morgue 1 of Crematorium II at Birkenau English 2004-12-01
Mattogno, C. The Openings for the Introduction of Zyklon B, Part 1, The Roof of the Morgue of Crematorium I at Auschwitz English 2004-12-01
Mattogno, C. “No Holes, No Gas Chamber(s)”, A Historical-Technical Study of the Holes in the Roof of Morgue 1 of Krematorium II at Birkenau for Introducing Zyklon B English 2004-12-01
Guillaume, P. The Rudolf Report: "Psychopathological and Dangerous", On the Psychopathology of a Declaration English 2004-12-01
Dixon, F. Book Notices, Reviews English 2004-12-01
Amner, P. Forced Prostitution in State Brothels built by the National Socialists, A Review English 2004-12-01
Amner, P. How a TV Documentary Turned a British War Crime into a German War Crime English 2004-12-01
Butz, A. Reply to Carlo Mattogno and the Editor on the Gas Detectors English 2004-12-01
Rademacher, W. Sauna a "Crime"? English 2004-11-01

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