Modern (>1900)

The Late Modern and contemporary era from the end of the 19th century to today.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Weber, M. A Century Ago: The Boer War Remembered English 1980-10-01
Mccalden, D. A Place Apart English 1980-10-01
Weber, M. America's Changing View of Mussolini and Italian Fascism English 1995-05-01
Michaels, D. Capitalism in the New Russia English 1997-05-01
Weber, M. China’s ‘No Dogs or Chinese’ Sign, Debunking Another Historical Fable English 1995-09-01
Anantharamiah, S. Comprehensive Biography Examines Lives of Indian Nationalist Leaders, Book Review English 1994-03-01
Wesserle, A. Death and Rebirth: European Politial Observations English 1986-12-01
Maltsev, Y. Estonia: Emerging From Communism English 1995-01-01
Thion, S. European History and the Arab World English 1993-01-01
Weber, M. European Wars English 1995-09-01
Copley, G. Exaggerated, One-Sided Victim Numbers Fuel Hatred English 2004-05-01
Wikoff, J. Faces of the Enemy, Book Review English 1990-12-01
Turley, M. Freedom, Democracy and ‘The Conquering of Evil’ English 2009-08-01
Weber, M. Germans More Criminal, Less Literate, and Older, A Nation in Transition English 1999-02-15
Gray, A. Germany's Place in Post-Postwar Europe, Book Review English 1995-01-01
Benson, I. Iran: Some Angles on the Islamic Revolution English 1989-07-01
Thompson, H. It Happened in Our Lifetime, Book Review English 1986-10-01
Zündel, E. My Impressions of the New Russia, Is a 'National Socialist' Russia Emerging? English 1995-09-01
Neff, D. Nasser of Egypt: Deeds and Legacy of an Arab Leader English 1996-07-01
Kerr, F. Nationalism & Antisemitism in Modern Europe 1815-1945, Book Review English 1991-10-01
Weber, M. Nationalist Sentiment Widespread, Growing in Former Soviet Union, Birth Pangs of a New Russia English 1995-09-01
O'Keefe, T. Novel Traces Wartime Exodus of German Mennonites, Book Review English 1994-03-01
Meyercord, K. Of Hoaxsters, Holocaust, & Halabja English 2008-01-03
Olodogma Piero Sella: Alle radici del mondialismo Italian 2012-11-21
Irving, D. Poison History English 1995-01-10
Rimland, I. Remembering the Martyrs of Romania English 1997-09-25
Barnes, H. Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace English 1958-01-01
Konkin Iii, S. Russia Against Japan, 1904-05: A New Look at the Russo-Japanese War, A Review English 1986-10-01
Berkis, A. Soviet Russia's Persecution of Latvia, 1918 to the Present, Paper Presented to the Eighth International Revisionist Conference English 1988-04-01
Montgomery, A. Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle for Independence English 1994-03-01
Martin, J. The Death and Life of the Mafia in Italy, From Suppression by Mussolini to Revival by 'Liberation,' 1926-1946 English 1977-01-01
Strauss, W. The End of the Legends, A Review English 2004-08-01
Wright, B. The Holocaust before It Happened, A Review English 2004-02-01
Smith, S. The Influence of Air Power upon History, A Review English 2004-05-01
Bradescu, F. The Legionary Movement in Romania English 1986-07-01
Ronnett, A. The Legionary Movement in Romania English 1986-07-01
Hawkins, J. The Price of Admiralty: The Evolution of Naval Warfare, Book Review English 1990-07-01
Kemp, A. The Racism of the Early Mahatma Ghandi English 2004-05-01
Martin, J. The Second Oldest Profession: Spies and Spying in the Twentieth Century, Book Review English 1988-10-01