World War II

On 8 May 1995, the British prime minister, John Major, referred to the end of World War II as the end of a thirty years’ war; in this, he was correct: both sides saw this war as an attempt to complete a task left undone at the close of the First World War – the show-down which ended European global domination. The Second World War was, however, the ultimate catastrophe of modern history, laying waste the heart and soul of Europe. Here you will find contributions about this conflict, its prelude, conduct, and personalities – excluding non-military Nazi personalities, which are covered under the entry “Third Reich Era.” Also covered are contributions dealing with war crimes (and lies about alleged war crimes) committed in the course of the conflict. This does not include the “Holocaust,” which has a separate entry (and is not a war crime in the strict sense).


Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
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Mattogno, C. Auschwitz: Plain Facts, A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac English 2005-09-29
Rudolf, G. Auschwitz: Plain Facts, A Response to Jean-Claude Pressac English 2005-09-29
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“Amigos De LéOn Degrelle “, A. EU SS TINTIM Portuguese 2018-07-31
Olodogma Il pregiudizio della progettazione dello sterminio ebraico o olocau$to o $hoah Italian 2014-09-15
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Olodogma Operazione Barbarossa, l'attacco tedesco alla Russia sovietica , di Maurizio Barozzi Italian 2014-10-11