Warfare in Germany, mainly during the final months of the war, when the allied Armies entered German territory, including the Allied bombing campaign over Germany.

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Rizoli, J. Jim Rizoli and Diane King Discuss and Critique Anti-Nazi Propaganda (Part 2) English 2019-08-28
King, D. Jim Rizoli and Diane King Discuss and Critique Anti-Nazi Propaganda (Part 2) English 2019-08-28
Mengele, J. Josef Mengele Angel of Death or Angel of Life English 2019-08-31
Weber, M. Kennedy’s 1945 Visit to Germany English 1999-10-20
Olodogma La mort d'Erich Priebke livre un important message Italian 2013-10-12
Olodogma La mort d'Erich Priebke livre un important message French 2013-10-12
Degrelle, L. Letter to the Pope on his Visit to Auschwitz English 1979-04-24
Aschenauer, R. MACHT GEGEN RECHT, Unbekanntes Material aus der amerikanischen und britischen Kriegsverbrecher-Praxis German 1952-08-15
Bacque, J. MORTS POUR RAISONS DIVERSES French 1989-08-13
Olodogma Malafede o, a scelta, crassa ignoranza comunista sulla "liberazione" di Auschwitz Italian 2015-12-21
Remer, O. My Role in Berlin on July 20, 1944 English 1988-04-01
Olodogma Natura→male assoluto→o£ocau$to→diritti universali→inversione→natura?...politicamente scorretta! Italian 2013-09-10
Bardèche, M. Nuremberg II : ou les faux monnayeurs French 1950-06-22
Bardèche, M. Nuremberg ou la terre promise French 1948-06-22
Bardèche, M. Nürnberg oder das gelobte Land German 1949-06-25
Olodogma Operazione Barbarossa, l'attacco tedesco alla Russia sovietica , di Maurizio Barozzi Italian 2014-10-11
Tarter, D. Peenemünde and Los Alamos: Two Studies English 1992-01-01
Olodogma Prefazione al “Mito del XX Secolo” di Alfred Rosenberg Italian 2015-03-04
Nizer, L. QUE FAIRE DE L'ALLEMAGNE ? French 2018-08-15
Faurisson, R. RÉPONSE à Pierre Vidal-Naquet French 1982-12-11
Verfassungsschutz, B. Rechtsextremistischer Revisionismus- ein Thema von heute - German 2001-07-29
Harwood, R. Seis Milhões Realmente Morreram? Portuguese 1974-06-12
Merlin, D. Steinmeier Apologizes English 2018-06-06
Timko, M. The Day I Was Saved by a German Medic English 2018-07-03
Stimely, K. The Fuehrer Headquarters 1939-1945 / The Great Age of German Films 1933-1945, Book Reviews English 1984-04-01
Zündel, E. The Great German Holocaust (part 1) English 2019-01-17
Stoddard, L. The National Socialist Party in Third Reich Germany, Himmler Talks with an American Journalist English 1940-01-01
Widmann, R. The Night the Dams Burst, A Review English 2011-12-01
Gauss, E. The Russians in Berlin in 1945, A Review English 2003-02-01
Grenfell, R. Unconditional Hatred, German War Guilt and the Future of Europe English 1953-10-04
O'Keefe, T. Veteran American Journalist Provides Valuable Inside Look at Third Reich Germany, Book Review English 2000-06-01
Roberts, A. Why Hitler Lost the War: German Strategic Mistakes in WWII English 2018-11-21
Olodogma Wolfsberg, Austria, Stalag 18A (Stalag XVIIIA) - campo per prigionieri militari Italian 2013-09-27
Wesserle, A. Yalta: Fact or Fate? A Brief Characterization

, Paper presented at the IHR's 1982 Revisionist Conference
English 1982-12-01
Michaels, D. ‘Copenhagen’: Uncertainty in Life and in Science English 2002-06-01
Olodogma “The Telegraph”: Rudolf Hess era stato davvero inviato da Hitler per trattare la pace Italian 2013-09-27