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When Nazi Germany invaded Russia in summer of 1941, a “comprehensive” or “final solution” to the Jewish question was envisioned by Germany’s leaders. But what was this “final solution”? Was it a plan to deport the Jews into the “Russian swamps,” as Hitler had once stated, or was it a plan to systematically kill them all? The extant documents are quite clear about it, yet they contradict what a plethora of witnesses have stated. This question divides the two sides in this debate (notwithstanding one side insisting that there is no debate). The topic is huge in scope and scale – and it is the main focus of this website


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Author Document Language Published
et al. Monumental Auschwitz study now in English English 2010-10-05
Heink, W. Was Adolf Eichmann kidnapped by Mossad for his involvement in the Holocaust? English 2011-09-11
Kues, T. Gigantic Fraud Carried Out for Wiesel Nobel Prize English 2011-10-05
Kues, T. Relative of Shlomo Wiesel says he died in 1943, not at Buchenwald English 2011-10-24
Heink, W. German Guilt English 2011-12-14
Widmann, R. The Ronald Reagan Holocaust hoax English 2011-12-24
Heink, W. "Aktion Reinhard(t)" English 2012-01-19
Kues, T. Comments on Treblinka Statements by Caroline Sturdy Colls English 2012-01-27
Kues, T. Night #1 and Night #2 — What Changes were Made and Why, Part One English 2012-03-14
Kues, T. Night #1 and Night #2 - What Changes were Made and Why, Part Two English 2012-04-08
Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part I English 2012-08-28
Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part II English 2012-08-30
Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part III English 2012-09-03
Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part IV English 2012-09-06
Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Conclusion English 2012-09-13
Widmann, R. Two Cutting-Edge Works of Holocaust Revisionism English 2011-09-11
Kues, T. Mengele's unknown writings to be auctioned English 2011-07-03
Kues, T. The Office – the German Foreign Service during the Third Reich English 2011-05-25
Kues, T. Two Forgotten Propaganda Lies Anno 1945 English 2010-10-24
Kues, T. Lithuanian Historian Accused of "Denying the Holocaust" English 2010-11-27
Kues, T. Addendum to “Evidence for the Presence of 'Gassed' Jews in the Occupied Eastern Territories, Part 2” English 2010-12-12
Kues, T. The Latest Sonderkommando Testimony English 2011-02-11
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat "denial", i.e. Holocaust revisionism English 2011-02-18
Kues, T. Facing a New Decade English 2011-02-22
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat "denial", i.e., Holocaust revisionism (Part II) English 2011-02-27
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “Denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism. (Part III) English 2011-03-06
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “Denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism. (Part IV) English 2011-03-15
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism (part V) English 2011-03-23
Kues, T. The Case Against Denis Avey, the BBC, and the British Government English 2011-04-18
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism (part VI) English 2011-04-20
Kues, T. Why the BBC and Labor Government Cynically Backed the Denis Avey Holocaust Hoax, and why they won’t let it go English 2011-04-28
Kues, T. Demjanjuk sentenced to 5 years in prison English 2011-05-12
Widmann, R. The Hypocritical Double Standard that Surrounds Questioning and Debunking the "Holocaust" English 2012-10-20
Kues, T. A second open letter to Deborah Lipstadt: Does the World's Most Prominent Opponent of "Holocaust Denial" Harbor a Hypocritical Double Standard on "Racist Nationalism?" English 2012-10-21
Olodogma Note sui campi di sterminio, statistiche dell'Ufficialità $terminazionista sull'immaginario olocau$tico Italian 2013-05-01
Olodogma La religione secolare dell’“Olocausto” è un prodotto – adulterato – della società consumistica Italian 2013-05-03
Irving, D. David Irving Talks about the Lipstadt Case English 2017-07-08
Olodogma L'olocausto non è mai avvenuto Italian 2013-05-28
Olodogma Nel verbale dell'interrogatorio/autodifesa Adolf Hitler riconosce l'olocausto ebraico! Crollo del negazionismo! Italian 2013-05-30
Olodogma Letta ed altri: il rito di umiliazione, cerimonia della kippah, genuflessione al tempio maggiore dell'olocau$tianesimo Italian 2013-07-04

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