The revisionist perspective of the history and objectives of re-examining the Holocaust narrative.

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Zündel, E. Waging and Winning the Information War English 2001-05-01
Zaverdinos, C. The Rudolf Case, Irving’s Lost Libel Suit and the Future of Revisionism, Suppressing Debate about Auschwitz English 2001-01-15
Yeager, C. 1st International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp" Narrative English 2014-02-13
Widmann, R. The Rise and Fall of Historical Revisionism following World War I English 2014-08-29
Widmann, R. A Calm Political Atmosphere, Editorial English 2015-09-04
Widmann, R. The Ideal of Intellectual Freedom, A Brief History of "The Revisionist" English 2016-09-05
Widmann, R. Inconvenient History 2013: The Year in Review English 2014-02-13
Widmann, R. The Challenge to Revisionism, Editorial English 2009-08-01
Widmann, R. Barriers to Historical Accuracy, Editorial English 2010-04-01
Westerlund, D. From Israel Supporter to Holocaust Denier, Why I Changed English 2014-05-14
Weber, M. Debating the Undebatable: The Weber-Shermer Clash, Exchanging Views on the Holocaust English 1996-01-01
Weber, M. History, column deserve a more critical review English 2000-06-01
Weber, M. From the Editor English 1994-07-01
Weber, M. Defying Powerful Adversaries, Institute Marks Progress, Spirited Twelfth IHR Conference Brings Together Leading Revisionist Scholars and Activists English 1994-11-01
Weber, M. Further Progress and Renewed Commitment, Adapted from the keynote address at the Twelfth IHR Conference, September 1994 English 1994-11-01
Weber, M. 13th IHR Conference Keynote Address: ‘The Conference of the Persecuted’, A Bulwark of Truth and Sanity Against the Enemies of Free Speech English 2000-08-01
Weber, M. Twelfth IHR Conference Set for September [1994], Leading Revisionist Historians and Activists to Meet in Southern California over Labor Day Weekend English 1994-05-01
Weber, M. From the Editor English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. Historical Revisionism and the Legacy of George Orwell English 1985-04-01
Weber, M. John Birch Society Magazine Takes Aim at Holocaust Revisionism and the IHR, IHR Response Rejected English 1999-02-15
Weber, M. Reviews of IHR Books Show Greater Acceptance of Revisionism, Historical News and Comment English 1992-07-01
Weber, M. Record and Mission of the Institute for Historical Review, Focus on the IHR English 1995-09-01
Weber, M. No to Censorship! No to Bigotry!, An Open Letter to Fourteen Arab Intellectuals English 2001-09-01
Vezelis, L. The Holocaust Issue: Three Christian Views English 1993-09-01
Verbeke, S. How I Became a Revisionist English 2013-07-17
Töben, F. Human Rights, the Holocaust-Shoah and Historical Truth, An Australian Perspective English 2012-04-15
Theil, G. Heresy in Twenty-First Century France, A case of insubmission to the “Holocaust” dogma English 2006-01-01
Sobran, J. The Holocaust Issue: Three Christian Views English 1993-09-01
Smith, B. Notebook English 1996-12-01
Smith, B. I'm Willing to be Convinced I'm Wrong English 2001-09-01
Smith, B. What Smith Is Doing and Why? English 1995-07-19
Smith, B. What I Believe, What I Don't, and Why English 1995-03-01
Smith, B. Unfinished Business English 1995-04-01
Smith, B. Bad News, Good News, How Revisionism and Revisionists Stand Today English 1996-11-01
Smith, B. What I Believe, What I Don't Believe, and Why - Redux, Editorial English 1996-05-01
Smith, B. Editorial English 1995-12-01
Smith, B. Willis Carto vs. the Hindenburg? English 1995-10-01
Smith, B. Willis Carto and the Problems English 1995-08-01
Smith, B. The Willis Carto Letter English 1995-07-01
Smith, B. The Faurisson / Cole Affair English 1995-05-01

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