Some 20% of post-war Polish territory is made up of former German lands; hence, some 20% of today’s Polish towns and cities once bore German names. All place names have long since been Polonized – all, except for one town, which displays bilingual entry signs: Auschwitz. Ethnically speaking, Oświęcim was never German. So why would the fiercely nationalistic Poles retain the Germanized name? Because it is big business. For the world at large, Auschwitz is synonymous with the Holocaust, and it represents the pinnacle of Nazi evil. Yet here we do not focus on the symbol which Auschwitz has become, but on the Auschwitz camp and its numerous satellite camps, such as Birkenau, Monowitz, Harmense, Raisko, etc.

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Author Document Language Published
Leuchter, F. The Leuchter Report , End of a Myth English 1988-06-09
Lipstadt, D. DENYING THE HOLOCAUST, The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory English 1993-06-08
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Rademacher, W. Engineer’s Deathbed Confession: We Built Morgues, not Gas Chambers English 2004-08-01
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Graf, J. Memorabilia: Juergen Graf : The Fate of Unregistered Auschwitz Inmates English 2018-06-18
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Leuchter, F. The Second Leuchter Report English 1990-06-09
Cole, D. David Cole in Auschwitz: The Video of the Century. English 1992-01-01
Cole, D. David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper English 1992-08-01
Crowell, S. The Gas Chamber of Sherlock Holmes, An Attempt at a Literary Analysis of the Holocaust Gassing Claim English 1997-12-22
Christophersen, T. LA MENTIRA DE AUSCHWITZ English 1973-09-12
Leuchter, F. Memorabilia: Fred Leuchter at the 10th Institute for Historical Review Conference 1990 English 2018-07-23
Provan, C. Chuck Provan: The Unknown Dr Nyiszli Auschwitz Witness English 2018-07-19
Heliotis, P. The Diary of Prisoner Number 109565 English 2018-01-30
Heliotis, P. The Violinist English 2018-01-30
Heliotis, P. Voices of the Holocaust English 2018-01-30
Heliotis, P. Memories of a Thessalonian Jewess English 2018-01-30
Heliotis, P. From Athens to Auschwitz English 2018-01-30
Heliotis, P. From Greece to Birkenau English 2018-01-30
Mattogno, C. Auschwitz: A Three-Quarter Century of Propaganda, Origins, Development and Decline of the “Gas-Chamber” Propaganda Lie English 2018-01-26
Mattogno, C. Curated Lies, The Auschwitz Museum’s Misrepresentations, Distortions and Deceptions English 2016-05-10
Mattogno, C. Healthcare at Auschwitz, Medical Care and Special Treatment of Registered Inmates English 2016-10-20
Mattogno, C. The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, A Technical and Historical Study English 2015-07-01
Deana, F. The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, A Technical and Historical Study English 2015-07-01
Smith, B. CODOH Auschwitz Video Now Playing on CODOHWeb English 1999-03-01
Heliotis, P. Some More Testimonies from Greece English 2017-12-13
Heliotis, P. Some Testimonies from Thessaloniki English 2017-12-08
Heliotis, P. The Manuscripts of Marcel Nadjari English 2018-04-05
Wear, J. Jewish Survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau English 2018-04-12
Zündel, E. Photographic Evidence vs The Holocaust English 2018-04-07
Ball, J. Photographic Evidence vs The Holocaust English 2018-04-07
Ball, J. Memorabilia: Examination of the Air Photo Evidence of Auschwitz featuring John Ball English 2018-03-06
Mattogno, C. Zyklon-B Deliveries to Auschwitz, Neither Proof nor Trace English 2017-02-06
Mattogno, C. The Deportation of Hungarian Jews from May to July 1944, A preliminary account English 2001-01-12
Rudolf, G. How Danuta Czech Invented 100,000 Gassing Victims, An Analysis of the Auschwitz Chronicle – Part 1: 1942 English 2019-02-18
Irving, D. David Irving Discusses the Inevitable Slow Demise of 'Battleship Auschwitz', Flagship of the Holocaust Legend. English 2019-04-30
Mattogno, C. The "Gas Testers" of Auschwitz, Testing for Zyklon B Gas Residues · Documents – Missed and Misunderstood English 1998-01-01

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