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Some wild claims within the Holocaust narrative have been debunked by mainstream scholars and exposed as mere rumors, lies and/or wartime propaganda (although other scholars may disagree). This entry lists contributions on those aspects of the Holocaust nowadays admitted as false, for whatever reason.

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Author Document Language Published
Porter, C. Anatomy of a Nuremberg Liar English 1998-01-03
Rucker, J. Hollywood, the Holocaust, and the Hatred of Truth English 2012-03-01
Rucker, J. The Murder of History and the Belfer Foundation for Holocaust Education English 2012-05-01
Christophersen, T. Auschwitz: A Personal Account English 1973-01-01
Rudolf, G. Guido Knopp und die historische Wahrheit German 1997-04-01
Merlin, D. Son of Saul: Wartime Propaganda with Few Takers English 2016-01-26
Hunt, E. 3D Imagery Demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax English 2015-08-28
DenierBud Nazi Shrunken Heads, A 24-minute free video about lies which justify war English 2008-08-01
DenierBud Buchenwald—A Dumb Dumb Portrayal Of Evil English 2009-11-01
Faurisson, R. Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism English 2012-02-03
Merlin, D. The History Channel Re-runs Hitler's Killing Machine, As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly English 2015-11-03
Scheidl, F. Trial of Otto Hoppe: perjuries by the dozen!!! English 2002-01-01
Moran, T. Convergence of Nonsense English 2002-01-01
Weir, J. Forked Tongues English 2002-10-01
Weir, J. Grandma's Lie Soap English 2002-06-01
Allen, A. Why the Germans Destroyed the Crematoria but left the Gas Chambers Intact English 1988-01-01
Pravda The Factory of Death at Auschwitz, The First Press Report From Auschwitz English 1945-02-02
Cole, D. David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper English 1992-01-01
Smith, B. Auschwitz: The First Report! English 1998-06-01
Rucker, J. The Holocaust in the Palm of Your Hand English 2015-10-30
Alvarez, S. Gas Van Film and Photo Fraud, German News Magazine and Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum Caught Faking Photo and Film Captions English 2014-04-25
Meyercord, K. Holocaust Howlers English 2016-11-28
Rucker, J. Hugh S. Gibson, the First Holocaust Revisionist, Profiles in History English 2016-11-28
Cole, D. David Cole in Auschwitz: The Video of the Century. English 1992-01-01
Rudolf, G. Josef Mengele – the Creation of a Myth English 2017-04-22
Olodogma Documenti per lo studio (del mito) delle camere a gas: la dichiarazione Cavendish-Bentinck del 27 agosto 1943 Italian 2013-03-19
Olodogma Frammento da "Bagatelle per un massacro" di Louis Ferdinand Auguste Destouches, detto Celine Italian 2013-06-13
Olodogma Robert Faurisson: il diario di Anna Frank è autentico? (Appendici) Italian 2013-07-05
Olodogma Questua da 120 milioni di euro della Au$chwitz-SpA, industria dell'olocau$to, Putin fa l'elemosina Italian 2013-08-17
Olodogma Could there be anything more twisted than these Holocaust fantasists? Italian 2013-08-20
Olodogma La stampa ufficiale sterminazionista si lamenta dei falsi non "di classe"! Italian 2013-08-21
Olodogma La chiesa sterminazionista del USHMM (US Holocaust Memorial Museum) smentita dal CODOH: nessuna prova della gasazione di Else Ury Italian 2013-08-26-10-18
Olodogma L'isteria sionista e servi shammashim dopo il "tragico"(una "shoah"!),flop della "menzogna di Auschwitz"...gatti, teiere e altri Hitler... Italian 2013-08-27
Olodogma Industria dell'olocau$to? Denis Avey,sedicente internato ad Auschwitz-Birkenau, pretesa matricola 220543! Italian 2013-09-03
Olodogma ...............27 Gennaio 1945- 27 Gennaio 2013, ........................ la Menzogna di Auschwitz compie 68 anni Italian 2013-01-13
Rucker, J. Regime Change at the Museum English 2015-05-12
Heddesheimer, D. The First Holocaust, Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims during and after World War One English 2003-01-01
Rucker, J. Those Nazis: Where Did They Get Such Ideas? English 2017-02-24
Scott, H. Anti-Gentiles Deny the 5 Million!, Holocaustian Establishment and Organized Jewry Wound Themselves by Attacking Trump English 2017-02-23
Ritchie, A. Britain’s Rumor Factory, Origins of the Gas Chamber Story English 2017-03-09
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