Gas Chambers

The magic chemical slaughterhouses, in which millions are said to have been murdered, evade an exact, credible description to this day. Not a single blueprint of such a device capable of executing its gruesome task has ever been found, and no unequivocal document has ever been located hinting at their existence. The contributions listed here address the claims made about homicidal gas chambers. (See also the entries for the respective camps.)


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Yeager, C. The Fifth Diamond: A Special Jewel in the Genre of Holocaust Horror Stories, part 2 (of 5) English 2010-01-09
Kues, T. More on Mauthausen and the Genesis of the Mass Gassings Allegation English 2010-12-07
Kues, T. The Latest Sonderkommando Testimony English 2011-02-11
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat "denial", i.e. Holocaust revisionism English 2011-02-18
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat "denial", i.e., Holocaust revisionism (Part II) English 2011-02-27
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “Denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism. (Part III) English 2011-03-06
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “Denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism. (Part IV) English 2011-03-15
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism (part V) English 2011-03-23
Heink, W. The latest effort to combat “denial”, i.e., Holocaust Revisionism (part VI) English 2011-04-20
Kues, T. Skin discoloration caused by carbon monoxide poisoning – Reality vs. Holocaust eye-witness testimony English 2011-06-25
Kues, T. UK Forensic Archeologist Sets Out To Refute Treblinka "Deniers" English 2010-11-13
Kues, T. Update on the Theresienstadt Gas Chamber(s) English 2010-11-06
Yeager, C. Holocaust Scholar Finds “Fifth Diamond” to Be a Work of Fiction English 2010-01-24
Mattogno, C. A New Affirmationist Study on Auschwitz English 2010-01-27
Mattogno, C. Rebuttal to Joachim Neander English 2010-02-08
Kues, T. "Grandson of Auschwitz survivor buys Mengele's diary" English 2010-02-09
Kues, T. Traces of a Chimera, or Bełżec’s Vanishing Gas Chamber Building English 2010-04-03
Kues, T. Thomas Mann's War-time Radio Speeches and the Genesis of the Mass Gassing Allegations English 2010-08-01
Kues, T. New "Memorial Center" Planned for the Sobibór "Death Camp" English 2010-08-20
et al. Monumental Auschwitz study now in English English 2010-10-05
Kues, T. Two Forgotten Propaganda Lies Anno 1945 English 2010-10-24
Kues, T. Mengele's unknown writings to be auctioned English 2011-07-03
Widmann, R. Two Cutting-Edge Works of Holocaust Revisionism English 2011-09-11
Olodogma Conferenza di Germar Rudolf sul revisionismo del preteso olocausto ebraico Italian 2017-05-15
Olodogma La ricerca storica del professor Robert Faurisson non gradita da levi primo Italian 2013-05-25
Olodogma L' "irritante questione" delle camere a gas ovvero da cappuccetto rosso ad Auschwitz, risposta a valentina pisanty Italian 2013-05-29
Olodogma I complici di dio e la guerra dei sei giorni nella falsità della metanarrazione israelobbista Italian 2013-05-29
Olodogma Ricordare Roger-Guy Dommergue de Menasce, ebreo, revisionista con la sua "Lettera a Spielberg" (Stephen) Italian 2013-06-02
Olodogma Carlo Mattogno: considerazioni sul reato di "negazione della Shoah" Italian 2013-06-12
Olodogma Carlo Mattogno e le BUGIE dell'ebreo netanyahu benjamin all' ONU Italian 2013-06-14
Olodogma Cosidetto olocausto ebraico, le "testimonianze oculari"...l'ebreo nyiszli miklos, un falso testimone Italian 2013-06-21
Olodogma Ritorno dalla luna di miele ad Auschwitz risposta ai veri dilettanti e ai finti specialisti dell'anti-"negazionismo" Italian 2013-06-25
Olodogma Prof. Robert Faurisson: Le falsificazioni di Auschwitz Italian 2013-08-05
Reynouard, V. The Ultimate Holocaust Gas Chamber Challenge English 2017-06-25
Widmann, R. Arthur Butz and “Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity”: An insufficiently dispassionate review English 2012-01-02
Kues, T. Comments on Treblinka Statements by Caroline Sturdy Colls English 2012-01-27
Widmann, R. Delousing American Style English 2012-02-25
Kues, T. Communiqué on our response to "Holocaust Denial and Operation Reinhard" English 2012-03-18
Kues, T. Night #1 and Night #2 - What Changes were Made and Why, Part Two English 2012-04-08
Widmann, R. The Importance of Anne Frank English 2014-06-11

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