To the impartial observer, a testimony by an individual who belonged to a group allegedly targeted by the Nazis for extermination does not always sound absolutely convincing, but who would wish to insinuate that those who had such terrible experiences during the war are not telling the truth? In the eyes of the public, the Holocaust survivors have become sanctified, indubitable, and irreproachable. It is precisely in this respect that skepticism, criticism and scrutiny have become most important. This section deals with persons who were on the side of the alleged victims and who either confirmed or denied the claimed events – or sometimes both. What are these testimonies worth?

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Author Document Language Published
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Smith, B. Elie Wiesel Focuses on Danger of Internet English 1997-07-01
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Rademacher, W. Sauna a "Crime"? English 2004-11-01
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Slepokura, O. Different strokes for different stroke this, Elie Wiesel on Lazar Kaganovich English 1995-12-27
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Lüftl, W. The Dachau Horror Tale Exposed English 2003-11-01
Rucker, J. Misha: Surviving with Wolves - Or Lying with Wolves? English 2014-06-11
Moran, T. Convergence of Nonsense English 2002-01-01

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