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Ernst Zundel on Race part (2 of 2) 1996.

Ernst continues his views on race in this second part (One hour and 19 minutes).

Coming to Canada, he made his living as an artist. He then ran against Pierre Trudeau in Canadian politics. He then moved into publishing. Here he met Adrien Arcand, a brilliant journalist. Ernst tells the interviewer that Adrien had over 4,000 books. Adrien spoke German, French, English, Greek, Latin and learnt Italian during the war when he detained without trial by the Canadian government. In a talk lasting three hours, Adrien, explains Ernst, had taught him to be a “German” again. As Ernst says the word “Zundel” means to spark, like a spark plug to start an engine. This was a major change in his life. Before, he had liberal views and was ashamed of being German. Now the “spark” had happened, and this “spark” had set him on a quest to free his fellow Germans from the monstrous lie of the gassed “six million” Jews. Coming across a pamphlet written by an English writer, Richard Verrall (under the pen name of Richard Harwood), exposing the “holocaust” as a propaganda lie, he reprinted it in Canada. [In France, Francois Duprat, who published the same booklet in French, was killed and his wife seriously injured, when their car was bombed. Another Frenchman had acid thrown into his face. In Germany, those who even possessed this pamphlet were thrown into jail and any pamphlet burnt. Across the world those who distributed the pamphlet faced attacks, physically, verbally, libels in the press, law courts and prison.] This single act of reprinting set off a train of events, which Ernst explains at length. The interviewer and Ernst talk about stereotypes, both of Germans and of blacks. The interviewer candidly admits that he only knows positive images of Germans, especially their organisational skills, their business like manner and their general efficiency. The conversation moves onto the topic of “assumptions”. Ernst replies that he doesn’t make assumptions, but the response by the interviewer is - would Ernst feel threatened by two blacks following him at night? Then, Ernst admits he would be worried. The interviewer says if it was two whites, would he feel the same? This any other subjects are covered in this interview. Territorial ownership, race, education, race-mixing (where Ernst strongly supports like with like), White Supremacy, apartheid in South Africa, humanity, world views, the human condition, and much much more. Near the end of this video, Ernst answers questions by the interviewer about Hitler and the Jews. Ernst responds that if there had been a real extermination policy for Jews in Germany, there would, given his knowledge of the nature of the Germans, (organisational, skill, efficiency, etc), NO Jews left whatsoever. This is a wonderful video of an interview which explains the world view of Ernst Zundel, a remarkable man. May Ernst and his wife, Ingrid, rest in peace.

Ernst Zundel on Race Part (1 of 2) 1996.

Ernst Zundel talks about race in this first part (one hour 13 minutes) of a two part interview. Ernst answers questions about his origins, his background, his parents, his humble origins in the Black Forest area of Germany. Ernst talks about his emigration from Germany to Canada and his subsequent life in Canada. He explains that his decision to move to Canada  was his refusal to be conscripted in the post war "German" army due to his pacifist beliefs. Ernst relates his struggle to become a citizen of Canada, which was turned down without explanation by the "Canadian" government. Ernst talks about his continual struggles in the court after a Zionist group took him to court for spreading "false news". The legal battle against Ernst was taken up by the "government" of Canada, and it resulted in the great "Holocau$t" trial of 1985. [Note: The "false news" law was eventually declared unconsitutional.] Asked about his citizenship and that he had became not a Canadian or a German, Ernst replies that postwar Germany is something of disgust to him. Ernst talks on many other issues involving race, nation, citizenship in this fascinating and interesting video. 

David Irving October 6 1995 in Florida.

In this video (58 minutes) David Irving, the brilliant writer and superb researcher talks in Florida, on October 6, 1995. David talks about the traditional enemies of the truth and their tactics against those courageous individuals who expose the "Holoco$t". David says everything now and again, the "Holocau$t" is "boosted" by various films and TV programmes. David talks about the film "Schindlers List" and its effect on the propaganda front. David reminds the audience that it is based on a fictional novel. David notes that the Dachau "gas chamber" is now declared "unused". David talks about the "gas chamber" at Auschwitz I, which a French magazine had recently declared "false". David relates that he was actually fined  $22,000 by the so-called "German" government for saying the exactly same thing before hand. Indeed the chimney is not even attached to the building! David relates that the collapse of the communist government in Russia has meant more information has became available in the Mortality Registers of Birkenau. David explains the 46 volumes found contain the names of about 66,000 cremated individuals. The books cover various periods, but are not complete, and a realistic figure for the entire period could be calculated at 100,000. David moves on to the recent tag of "Holocau$t" denier, the latest tactic by the "Holocaust" liars. Finally David chats about the "Holocaust" survivor, which is seems to another tactic by the Zionist liars and the visits to schools, etc.