It goes without saying that the orthodox Holocaust narrative has no influence on modern politics, except perhaps when it comes to enacting anti-revisionist laws, burning revisionist books, vilifying Iran for its revisionist attitude, keeping Germany on a short leash in every regard, maintaining the Vatican under constant siege, as well as extorting billions from the Swiss, the Germans, the Austrians, and of course, rallying hundreds of millions of Christians and non-Christians under Israel’s flag for a “Never Again!” And that's not all. Sure, the Holocaust is irrelevant in politics. Keep on dreaming…

Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump both disagree with the Zionist agenda of unnecessary Middle-East wars, and controversy has been raised around their associations with people who disbelieve the Holocaust. This article examines the credibility of the accusations.

The mayor's race for Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (Pop. 38,000) has heated up with the candidacy of  Michael Santomauro.

Le Pen received 34% of the vote in France's 2017 presidential election but the media labels her as "Far Right."   More to the point, her election success has made her the target of the French government (Far Left by the standards of most Americans.)

In the broad and nebulous view of the Holocaust, mass-deportation is part of the drama, and mass-deportation, or any deportation, is therefore a crime against humanity. "No human being is illegal," declared Elie Wiesel. This particular "lesson of the Holocaust," to the extent that it is influential in the United States today, will be ruinous to the country's future.

Claiming that the mainstream Holocaust narrative is profoundly flawed raises two questions: Why would anyone make up a story like this, and maintain it to this day? Who benefits from this falsification of history? This article will answer these questions.

Distinguished historian, researcher and author of 100 plus articles, Mark Weber, speaks in detail, about how President Harry Truman, decided to ignore advice regarding the US recognition of Israel, and disregard the usual criteria involved. Weber states that Harry Truman supported the recognition of Israel, as Zionists were big financial supporters of the Democratic Party.