Does the orthodox Holocaust narrative serve to make the world a more peaceful place, or is it a means to drive the world to war and mayhem again and again? Articles listed here scrutinize this question.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Smith, B. Outlaw History #14, Paul Wolfowitz: the Blind Leading the Blind English 2004-11-26
Nakhleh, I. Memorandum to the President English 1982-10-01
Rucker, J. The Impotence of Force, Editorial English 2013-12-01
Bennett, J. The Holocaust Debate English 1981-04-01
Faurisson, R. An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust English 2001-11-01
Grubach, P. George Bush, War With Iran, and Holocaust Revisionism, An Open Letter to the President of the United States English 2007-09-25
O'Keefe, T. Our Mission and the New War English 2001-11-01
Shamir, I. About Vampire Killers and Nincompoop English 2004-08-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #23, A Tsunami of Filth and Lies English 2004-12-28
Smith, B. Outlaw History #16, I Explain My Theory of the Holocaust to a Student at Brigham Young University English 2004-12-02
Sobran, J. Some Lessons After Fifty Years English 1995-07-01
Turley, M. Freedom, Democracy and ‘The Conquering of Evil’ English 2009-08-01
Smith, B. The Elephant(s) in the Room English 2003-05-01
Rollins, L. Christopher Hitchens and His Critics, A Review English 2010-04-01
AnswerMan What was achieved from Holocaust lies? English 1998-01-01
Weber, M. Learning from the September 11 Attacks English 2001-11-01
Martin, J. Beyond Year Zero, The Pursuit of Peace Through War English 1984-12-01
Mcnally, P. The Holocaust, the Left, and the Warmongers, Germany's Place in the "Manifesto," the Popular Front Sellout, and the "Vietnam Syndrome" English 2004-08-01
Rucker, J. Wiesel’s War Coming to Kent State English 2013-05-26
Faurisson, R. Hitler’s and Saddam’s "Weapons of Mass Destruction" English 2004-05-01
Rollins, L. The Attack on the Liberty: The Untold Story of Israel's Deadly 1967 Assault on a U. S. Spy Ship, A Review English 2011-04-01
Konkin Iii, S. El Salvador: The War to Come, Paper presented at the 1981 Revisionist Conference English 1982-07-01
Higgs, R. World War II and the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex English 1995-05-01
Countess, R. Why the USA Wages War in the Gulf Region, A Review English 2003-02-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #1, Welcome to the First Issue of "Outlaw History, The Newsletter" English 2004-09-09
Smith, B. Outlaw History #6, Four More Years of Democracy and Killing English 2004-11-03
Smith, B. Outlaw History #7, Terrorism Is as Terrorism Does English 2004-11-06
Smith, B. Outlaw History #8, God Is Great – or, the Assault on Fallujah English 2004-11-08
Barnes, H. Revisionism and the Promotion of Peace English 1958-01-01
Grubach, P. Did the Zionist Lobby Drive the US Into the Iraq War? English 2006-01-01
Grubach, P. The Holocaust Ideology: A Threat to Human Life English 1991-01-06
Grubach, P. The Holocaust as an Ideological Danger English 2008-01-01
Theil, G. Our Mission: To Disrupt the Global Slander and Help Build a More Honest World, Speech given at the Teheran Conference English 2006-12-11
Rudolf, G. Preface to The First Holocaust by Don Heddesheimer English 2003-01-10
Widmann, R. Kosovo and the USHMM: A Small Connection? English 1999-08-01
Rucker, J. Endless Holocaust, Endless War English 2012-04-25
Rucker, J. Scrutinizing Gas English 2013-08-31
Smith, B. Abraham Foxman and the Syrian Gassings English 2013-09-13
Cohen Vaxberg, N. The Holocaust's Visit to Yad Vashem, "I am the Holocaust, the best thing that ever happened to you!" English 2014-11-04
Mcgowan, D. What Does "Holocaust Denial" Really Mean? English 2007-03-22