US History

Events of U.S. history after Columbus’ re-discovery of America in 1492 AD

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Author Document Language Published
Rucker, J. 102 Years of American Satrapy, A Comment English 2013-07-01
Curtiss, R. Pro-Israel Jews Play Ominous Role in Clinton Administration English 1998-01-01
Morgan, R. The "Great Emancipator" and the Issue of Race, Abraham Lincoln’s Program of Black Resettlement English 1993-09-01
Weir, J. Conspiracy – the Umpteenth, A Review English 2003-11-01
O'Keefe, T. A Failed Look at Europe’s Impact on America’s Native Peoples, Book Review English 1993-05-01
Sobran, J. Transforming the Constitution English 1994-01-01
Faurisson, R. An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust English 2001-11-01
Weber, M. The Fateful Year 1898: The United States Becomes an Imperial Power, The Great Debate over American Overseas Expansion English 1993-07-01
Ries, J. The Fateful Year 1898: The United States Becomes an Imperial Power, The Great Debate over American Overseas Expansion English 1993-07-01
Neff, D. Lyndon Johnson Was First to Align US Policy With Israel's English 1996-11-01
Rudolf, G. Gestapo USA, A Review English 2003-08-01
Weir, J. Shades of Gray in a Dark History, A Review English 2004-05-01
Ennes, J. Israeli Attack on the Liberty Was No Accident English 2002-07-27
Tourney, P. Israel’s ‘Knife in the Back’ Attack Against America English 2002-06-06
Sobran, J. The United States and Israel English 2001-09-01
Sobran, J. Perspectives on the Past and Present English 1995-12-01
Braun, K. American Policy Toward Europe: The Fateful Change, Notes on the Legacy of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt English 1984-12-01
Gray, A. Secretary Shultz and the Bitburg Uproar, Book Review English 1994-07-01
Black, R. Politics, Prejudice and Procedure, The Impeachment Trial of Andrew Johnson English 1986-07-01
Stanwood, C. A Powerful Indictment of America’s Failed Racial Policy, Book Review English 1993-03-01
Macvie, E. In the Garden of Beasts, A Review English 2012-12-01
Hattenhauer, D. Ronald Reagan’s Political and Cultural Folklore, The Puritan and Frontier Traditions and the ‘Third Half of the Pie’ English 1984-12-01
Neff, D. Why President Truman Overrode State Department Warning on Palestine-Israel, Fifty Years Ago: A Fateful Admonition English 1994-09-01
Sobran, J. Working with Stalin English 1995-08-01
Rollins, L. California Subsidizes Japanese-American Museum, Historical News and Comment English 1985-12-01
Fabien, G. Outlaw History #21, The New European Order (Nuevo Ordine Europeo) English 2004-12-21
Trohan, W. Chicago Tribune History, Historical News and Comment English 1985-12-01
Sobran, J. World War II, American "Defense" Policy, and the Constitution English 1994-11-01
Weber, M. The Sally Hemings Myth English 1993-01-01
Larson, M. Thomas Jefferson's Place in History English 1993-01-01
Neff, D. Unprecedented US Aid to Israel Began Under the Sinai Agreements English 1997-01-01
Sindi, A. How the Jewish-Zionist Grip on American Film and Television Promotes Bias Against Arabs and Muslims English 1998-12-15
Weber, M. ‘Culture War’ Profile: Subverting the Disney Legacy, How Michael Eisner Has Transformed the ‘Magic Kingdom’ English 1998-12-15
Marchetti, V. The Big Hollywood Lie: Denying that Jews Control the Film Business, Disinformation English 1994-04-01
Peel, P. The Great Brown Scare, The Amerika-Deutscher Bund in the Thirties and the Hounding of Fritz Julius Kuhn English 1986-12-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History #11, Shooting Prisoners Here, Shooting Prisoners There English 2004-11-16
Clarke, A. Classic Critique of "The Revolution That Was" Traces America's Road from Republic to Empire and Explores Legacy of the Roosevelt New Deal Revolution , Book Review English 1994-09-01
Sobran, J. Our Savaged "Living" Constitution English 1994-09-01
Clarke, A. New Work Examines Suppressed Conservative Political-Intellectual Heritage, Book Review English 1994-09-01
Atelier, R. Taking Sides: America's Secret Relations with a Militant Israel, A Review English 1986-10-01