Holocaust Revisionism

The history and objectives of re-examining the Holocaust narrative, both as a revisionist self-perception and as viewed by its opponents.

It is not a new observation, that Holocaust-propaganda influenced the Second Vatican Council to revise the Church's attitude toward Jews in a Jew-friendly direction. Usually however this fact is noted with approval. E. Michael Jones however does not approve, and has been calling the attention of traditionalist Catholics to the fact that their Church has been manipulated with a false accusation, the Holocaust, which they must reject.

So far, so good, but part of Jones' presentation, his explanation of how this happened, seems flawed. Therefore I consulted some other sources to arrive at what seems to me a more complete and more credible explanation of why the Catholic Church in 1965 succumbed to this propaganda.

En una insólita entrevista, el gran cineasta Oliver Stone habla del control de los medios por la ideología judía  y de la visión que éstos han creado en el pueblo estadounidense, también se refiere a una nueva película altamente controversial que tiene en mente crear.  

David Merlin and Jett Rucker write a letter to the Canadian Embassy at Washington D. C. to support the application for a visa by the French comedian and social critic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.

A look at Joseph Hirt's career as a fake Auschwitz-survivor, with special attention to how he seemed to be able to fool so many people for so long, and how such deception might not be so easy in the future.

David Merlin writes to the USHMM to remind them that the death told at Majdanek have been corrected from 1,400,000 to 78,000 according to the Majdanek Museum itself.

Los hermanos Morcan regresan con nuevos planes, ahora en lo cinematográfico, pretenden desemascarar las teórias negacionistas del Holocausto  y exterminarlas, ahora y para siempre.

Jewish relatives separated during the Second World War find each other decades later as an accidental result of the reckless addition of names to Yad Vashem's list of putative Holocaust victims.

All history is informed by a witches’ brew of agendas, which boil down in different times and places to a myriad of different accounts told in different ways by different presenters to different audiences.

President Trump, on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2017, on January 27, pronounced something like the utterances of presidents past on this occasion, decrying the killing of large numbers of people who shared some characteristic like being Hutus or residents of Hiroshima. But he left something out that all his predecessors were careful to prominently include. Jews.

Through an anonymus email, a Jewish viewer accuses Vincent Reynouard of provoking anti-Semitism and promises him prison ... In this video, Reynouard explains why always crying "anti-Semitism" (which remains the principal strategy of the liar unmasked) risks leading the Jewish people into the abyss ...

Evidently, the hard-earned tax dollars of United States taxpayers are being expended to purchase and make available to America’s reading public, books that Yad Vashem and others have exposed to be Holocaust-denial books!

IL DIARIO DI ANNA FRANK : UNA FRODE di Ditlieb Felderer Edizioni La Sfinge   INTRODUZIONE È in preda a sentimenti contrastanti che vi presentiamo il primo saggio vero e proprio sul Diario di Anna Frank. Se in un primo momento avevamo dato credito a quanto affermato nel Diario, man …

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Ci sarà uno scisma? Prende campo la possibilità di una frattura (traumatica?) nella gerarchia della "chiesa di Roma", attualmente, con sede vacante. Frattura tra un mondo dissociato ed in preda a desideri mondani estranei e un mondo che ha interiorizzato il grande passo displatico del Concilio Vaticano II. Conferma, indiretta, …

Questo è un mondo di matti! O criminali! Un'offesa alla povertà...da 150 MILIARDI di lire...chi se ne frega! (1) C'è la crisi? La gente si suicida per l'impossibilità di "andare avanti" ? La disoccupazione è arrivata a 3.000.000 di persone ? La disoccupazione giovanile è oltre il 37 % ? …