Introductions to the Holocaust narrative from a revisionist perspective.

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Institute For Historical Review 66 Questions and Answers on the Holocaust, A Revisionist Perspective English 1998-01-06
Butz, A. A Brief Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism, Historical News and Comment English 1991-07-01
Butz, A. A Short Introduction to the Study of Holocaust Revisionism English 2000-03-01
Butz, A. A short introduction to the study of Holocaust revisionism English 1991-05-13
Robinson, D. Academic Freedom: Are There Limits to Inquiry? English 2014-04-26
Moran, T. An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism English 2004-01-01
Mcnally, P. At Long Last: A New Revisionist Standard Work English 2012-07-31
Mckeon, D. At Long Last: A New Revisionist Standard Work English 2012-07-31
Faurisson, R. Auschwitz: Facts and Legend English 1997-07-01
Weber, M. Auschwitz: myths and facts English 1993-01-10
Butz, A. Breve introduzione al revisionismo sull'Olocausto Italian 1991-05-13
Eisen, P. But how could the Holocaust not be true? English 2012-05-06
Smith, B. Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist English 1987-01-01
Butz, A. Context and Perspective in the 'Holocaust' Controversy, Paper presented at the IHR's 1982 Revisionist Conference English 1982-12-01
Butz, A. Contexte historique et perspective d'ensemble dans la controverse sur l'"Holocauste" English 1990-01-08
Cole, D. David Cole in Auschwitz: Das Video des Jahrhunderts German 1992-01-01
Cole, D. David Cole in Auschwitz: The Video of the Century. English 1992-01-01
Smith, B. David Cole's 46 Unanswered Questions about the Gas Chambers English 1995-01-01
Gunnels, M. Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides, A Review English 2010-10-01
Macvie, E. Debating, Round 2: Maintaining Balance, Book Review English 2015-11-25
Weber, M. Declaration of Mark Edward Weber English 1982-04-01
Macvie, E. Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of "Truth" and "Memory", A Review English 2013-12-01
Overall, Z. Don’t Fall for the Holohoax!, At Nuremberg the Allies convicted and executed Germans based on confessions tortured out of them! We should be ashamed of ourselves! English 2014-03-16
Guillaume, P. Droit et Histoire French 1986-08-20
Guillaume, P. Droit et Histoire, Added Edition French 1986-08-20
Faurisson, R. Ecrits Revisionnistes (Tome I) De 1974-1983 French 2004-09-30
Faurisson, R. En confidence, Entretien avec « L'’Inconnue » French 2007-12-28
Zündel, E. Ernst Zundel - Genocide by Propaganda (Part 2) (1:00:41 Hrs) English 2020-03-04
Wear, J. Evidence for the German Euthanasia Program Compared to the Holocaust English 2017-08-31
Faurisson, R. Faurisson’s Three Letters to Le Monde (1978-1979) English 1978-12-29
Cole, D. Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers English 1995-10-09
Butz, A. Geschichtlicher Hintergrund und Perspektive in der "Holocaust"-Kontroverse German 1999-01-09
Moran, T. Holocau$t summary English 2002-01-01
Berg, F. Holocaust Hoax on Trial, An Open Letter to PBS English 2001-05-01
Lawson, A. Holocaust, Hassreden & waren die Deutschen so doof? German 2011-03-01
Lawson, A. Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid? English 2011-03-01
Faurisson, R. Impact and Future of Holocaust Revisionism, A Revisionist Chronicle English 2000-04-01
Faurisson, R. Interview with Professor Robert Faurisson, at the Guest House of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran English 2006-12-13
Faurisson, R. It’s Time the Arab Leaders Ended Their Silence on the ‘Holocaust’ Imposture English 2001-09-01
Graf, J. L'Holocauste au scanner, Témoignages oculaires ou lois naturelles? French 1993-01-09

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