Lipstadt, Deborah

Lipstadt’s 1993 book Denying the Holocaust labeled British historian David Irving a “Holocaust Denier,” among other things, which Irving took as a reason to sue her. The ensuing libel case gave Lipstadts book maximum media attention and triggered a number of other writings by Lipstadt about the Holocaust. Here are listed contributions criticizing Lipstadt’s writings. The libel case of Irving vs. Lipstadt is dealt with under Revisionist personalities/Irving, David

Leading Jewish Holocaustians recently attacked President Donald Trump for issuing a statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day that did not specify that the victims were Jews. The result is that the public has been informed by Deborah Lipstadt that the Holocaust is by definition an exclusively Jewish matter, and by Yehuda Bauer that the old war propaganda alleging millions of non-Jewish victims was false—which certainly will be cited in the future as a justification for questioning the Jewish claim of 6 million. This was a self-destructive assault by members of the Holocaustian establishment against President Trump.

INTRODUZIONE Tra l’11 gennaio e l’11 aprile del 2000, alla Royal Court of Justice di Londra, si svolse un processo per diffamazione intentato da David Irving a Deborah Lipstadt e alla casa editrice Penguin Books Ltd, che si concluse con la sconfitta dello storico britannico. Robert Jan van Pelt fu …

About 58 minutes long; including Q & A at the end. Irving defends his Libel prosecution - except for the Judge. He discusses 'Holocaust survivors' - people who nothing much happened to. And 'deniers'—'a sort of Goebbelsian word'. "Since about 1963 jewish organisations around the world had decided to smash me, and we know this from documents revealed in the [Lipstadt Libel] trial."