Letters + Feedback

Selected letters and comments sent in to CODOH by our readers, supporters, fans, colleagues, critics, opponents etc.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Letters English 1998-05-01
Allen, A. Letters English 1995-05-01
Andronescu, S. Correspondence English 1982-12-01
Andronescu, S. Correspondence English 1982-10-01
Anonymous Letters English 1999-01-01
Anonymous Letters English 1999-03-01
App, A. Jews in Europe, How Many Slain? (1946) English 1946-05-22
App, A. Ilse Koch and the Alleged Lampshade (1948) English 1948-10-09
App, A. The Six Million - We Want Proof (1949) English 1949-07-16
App, A. No One Gassed at Dachau (1961) English 1961-04-05
App, A. The Inflated Figure of 6,000,000 (1959) English 1959-06-01
Armstrong, M. Letters to the Editor English 1980-12-01
Artemis, G. Letters English 1993-07-01
Arter, J. Letters English 1996-03-01
Ash, J. Letters to the Editor English 1981-04-01
Backwords, A. Letters English 1993-07-01
Barone, E. Letters English 1998-12-01
Baumhaft, J. Letters to the Editor English 1980-12-01
Beck, P. Correspondence English 1981-12-01
Bennett, J. Letters English 1995-09-01
Bennett, J. Letters English 1993-11-01
Bennett, J. Letters English 2000-08-01
Bensman, M. Letters to the Editor English 1981-04-01
Berg, F. Letters to the Editor English 2004-08-01
Berg, F. Letters English 2002-03-01
Berg, F. Letters English 1997-10-01
Berg, F. Letters English 1998-02-01
Bliss, R. Letters to the Editor English 1980-12-01
Botha, R. Correspondence English 1982-10-01
Brandon, L. Unanswered Correspondence English 1981-10-01
Brookes, F. Letters English 1993-11-01
Brown, D. Letters English 1999-02-15
Brutto, R. When does widespread belief becomes a mass delusion? English 2006-05-18
Buchner, R. Correspondence, Comments on Last Issue English 1982-04-01
Buck, P. Correspondence English 1982-12-01
Butz, A. Unanswered Correspondence English 1981-10-01
Butz, A. Letters English 1994-05-01
Butz, A. Letters English 2000-06-01
Butz, A. Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Butz, A. Letters English 1995-11-01