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Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Smith, B. After the Museum English 1993-08-15
Smith, B. Smith's Journal, Nov-95 English 1995-01-11
Weber, M. The Institute in the News English 1995-07-01
Smith, B. New French Publication English 1995-08-01
Smith, B. The Adelaide Institute English 1995-08-01
Weber, M. New IHR Web-Site and E-Mail Addresses English 1995-09-01
Smith, B. Spiegelmice at Berkeley English 1995-09-01
Smith, B. Smith's Journal, Jan-96 English 1996-01-01
Smith, B. Smith's Journal, Feb-96 English 1996-01-02
Irving, D. Action Report no. 9 English 1996-01-03
Un Piéton de Paris L'affaire Garaudy, ou comment la presse est allé porter la bonne nouvelle révisionniste jusqu'aux dernières chaumières du royaume French 1996-01-04
Irving, D. Action Report no. 10 English 1996-01-07
Irving, D. Action Report no. 11 English 1996-01-12
Arutz Sheva A Typical Day in Israel, Sept. 25, 1996 English 1996-09-25
Faurisson, R. Baynac pushes the panic button, No Evidence of The Nazi Gas Chambers English 1996-10-07
Butz, A. Slick Revisionists English 1996-10-29
Smith, B. Revisionism Rampant ‘round the Globe English 1996-12-01
Irving, D. Action Report no. 13 English 1997-01-12
CODOH German Censors Indict CompuServe Official English 1997-02-26
Smith, B. SR Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists English 1997-03-01
Rudolf, G. In Kürze German 1997-04-01
Irving, D. Action Report no. 12 English 1997-07-20
Butz, A. Butz and "Pop the Top" English 1997-08-18
Butz, A. Faith in "Holocaust" required English 1997-10-28
Butz, A. They Committed Suicide? English 1997-11-18
Smith, B. Worldscope English 1998-02-01
Smith, B. World Scope English 1998-03-01
Charles, A. Wilhelm Furtwängler and Music in the Third Reich English 1998-06-01
Smith, B. Worldscope English 1998-06-01
Butz, A. 1998 Revisionist Conference in Adelaide, Australia English 1998-08-20
Weber, M. Widespread Holocaust Doubts in Sweden English 1998-10-01
Butz, A. Dr . Fredrick Töben of Adelaide, Australia, arrested in Germany English 1999-04-08
Butz, A. Jerzy Bielski and the Auschwitz Gas Chambers, Letter 13 September 1999 to the "Sydney Morning Herald" on George Ryba article English 1999-10-31
Butz, A. Dr. Fredrick Töben returns to Australia English 1999-12-16
Chaudhry, L. British ISPs Crack Down on Hate English 2000-01-25
Butz, A. The Pope in Jerusalem English 2000-03-16
O'Keefe, T. Review and Revision English 2001-03-01
O'Keefe, T. Review and Revision, Revisionist News and Comment English 2001-12-01
Butz, A. An Atrocity Against History, and the People English 2002-04-06
Rudolf, G. In Brief English 2003-02-01