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Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Faurisson, R. Engineer Fröhlich arrested in Vienna English 2012-07-31
Focal Point Publications David Irving released from Austrian prison English 2006-12-20
Widmann, R. Banged Up: Survival as a Political Prisoner in 21st Century Europe, by David Irving, A Review English 2009-01-12
Irving, D. Vienna Imprisonment, A Foretaste of "Irving's War" English 2006-01-01
Weber, M. Charges Dropped Against Engineer for Scholarly Report Disputing Gassing Claims, Free Speech Struggle Continues in Austria English 1995-09-01
Widmann, R. Banged Up, A Review English 2010-04-01
CODOH News Austrian Gerd Honsik sentenced to 5 years, ThoughtCrime: 04/28/09 English 2009-04-28
Shamir, I. They met in Teheran English 2006-12-15
Weber, M. German Professor, Accused of Revisionism, Commits Suicide English 2000-08-01
Bellinger, J. Letter Protesting the Austrian Prosecution of Dissident Historian-Writer David Irving English 2006-03-01
CODOH News Austrian Court Rejects David Irving's Appeal, ThoughtCrime: 08/29/06 English 2006-08-29
CODOH News Austrian Website Owner Jailed, Threatened w/10 Years in Prison, ThoughtCrime: 12/07/96 English 1996-12-07
CODOH News Austria's Fröhlich sentenced to six and a half years for denouncing Holocaust, ThoughtCrime: 01/19/08 English 2008-01-19
CODOH News Honsik sentenced to 18 months for Holocaust denial, ThoughtCrime: 12/03/07 English 2007-12-03
CODOH News Austrian Revisionist Convicted, ThoughtCrime: 05/05/92 English 1992-05-05
CODOH News David Irving Sentenced to 3 Years in Austria, ThoughtCrime: 02/20/06 English 2006-02-20
CODOH News Man Convicted for Denying Knowledge of Gas Chambers, ThoughtCrime: 11/22/95 English 1995-11-22
Grubach, P. Should Germany and Austria Tolerate Holocaust Revisionism?, Reflections on the Upcoming Irving, Zündel and Rudolf Trials English 2005-01-12
Grubach, P. Freedom of Speech and Holocaust Revisionism in Germany and Austria English 2005-01-12
Butz, A. Jailing Opinions, A Review English 2006-12-29
Christopher, M. The Verdict on Irving English 2006-02-24
Bjerknes, C. Free Speech, Free David Irving English 2005-01-11
Olodogma Comunicato stampa di Wolfgang Fröhlich, revisionista, internato per 9 anni per leso olocau$to ebraico Italian 2013-12-02
Irving, D. David Irving Interview: An Independent Mind (Part 1 of 2) English 2019-02-20
Hernández, R. Revisionist Persecution and Prosecution, 14 Years’ Imprisonment for Wolfgang Fröhlich in Austria English 2015-10-10