Prosecution of Dissidents

The prosecution, by proper courts of law, of dissidents for their peaceful activities. Unless a report is on prosecution in general, it has been categorized in the subcategory of the country where the prosecution occurred.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Freeman, F. Going Underground: 'Catacomb Revisionists' and Revisionist Repression English 2008-01-01
Graf, J. The Greatest Adventure of Our Time: Holocaust Revisionism, A speech delivered in German in Estonia English 2002-11-25
Widmann, R. History Behind Bars: A Future of Revisionism, A Comment English 2013-12-01
Smith, B. Outlaw History, An Introduction English 2004-08-08
Cole, C. Outlaw History, An Introduction English 2004-08-08
Grubach, P. Deborah Lipstadt and the Double Standards That Surround Questioning the "Holocaust" English 2012-11-12
Butz, A. 1998 Revisionist Conference in Adelaide, Australia English 1998-08-20
Weber, M. Jewish Group Demands More Anti-Revisionist Laws English 1998-10-01
Bellinger, J. The Prohibition of Holocaust Denial English 2009-10-01
Freeman, F. Going Underground, 'Catacomb Revisionists' and Revisionist Repression English 2010-10-01
Jackson, N. Revisionism and the Power of Truth, A Comment English 2014-02-23
Rucker, J. Revisionism's Final Victories, Comment English 2012-10-01
Grubach, P. Russia and the Holocaust Ideology, What Is the Future of Holocaust Revisionism in Eastern Europe? English 2014-06-11
Smith, B. "El Gran Tabu": Major Update Coming! English 2014-07-14
Widmann, R. Holocaust Hate Speech, Editorial English 2015-05-23
Lasson, K. Is rewriting history in academia a free speech right? English 1998-01-06
Henry, M. Who Will be Left to Stand Up? English 1997-12-05
Stannard, D. The dangers of calling the Holocaust unique English 1996-08-02
Smith, B. Amnesty International Tells CODOH that Revisionists Deserve Prison English 1997-03-01
Smith, B. Who Will Be Left to Stand up? English 1998-01-01
Henry, M. Who Will Be Left to Stand up? English 1998-01-01
Bellinger, J. Disorder in the Courts (1990-2000), Part 1 English 2015-11-25
CODOH Support Our Political Prisoners and Persecutees!, Send Christmas Greetings Early! English 2015-11-03
Rucker, J. Police State: My, How You’ve Grown English 2013-07-08
Rucker, J. International Lawfare in Defense of Holocaust Orthodoxy English 2011-12-01
Merlin, D. Letter to PEN English 2015-02-12
Bellinger, J. Disorder in the Courts (1990-2000), Part 2 English 2016-02-18
Cole, D. David Cole Interview by Ryan Dawson English 2014-04-04
Scott, H. Faurisson Convicted of Racial Defamation, Biased Verdict Being Appealed English 2016-10-02
Reynouard, V. Warning to the Jews About their Alleged Holocaust (Part 1) English 2017-08-25
A. Fudge, T. The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands : from Holocaust Historian to Holocaust ? English 2003-07-24
Verfassungsschutz, B. Rechtsextremistischer Revisionismus- ein Thema von heute - German 2001-07-29
Schaefer, M. Monika Schaefer Was Imprisoned for Saying This English 2018-12-30
Rudolf, G. A Personal Message from Germar Rudolf English 2020-08-25
Rudolf, G. Eine persönliche Nachricht von Germar Rudolf German 2020-08-25
Rudolf, G. Un mensaje personal de Germar Rudolf Spanish 2020-08-25
Rudolf, G. Un message personnel de Germar Rudolf French 2020-08-25

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