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Author Document Language Published
CODOH News French Investigate Garaudy for Holocaust Revisionism, ThoughtCrime: 04/25/96 English 1996-04-25
CODOH News France's LePen on trial for "justification of war crimes", ThoughtCrime: 12/14/07 English 2007-12-14
Theil, G. Georges Theil and barrister Eric Delcroix before the judge , Press Release, December 18, 2007 English 2007-12-18
Faurisson, R. A Victory for the Revisionists? English 1996-06-27
Poumier, M. On the Latest Court Hearing of Robert Faurisson English 2014-02-13
Schleiter, Y. 24 gennaio 2008: per il Professor Faurisson, arresto e perquisizione Italian 2008-01-25
Schleiter, Y. Pour le professeur Faurisson : garde à vue et perquisition French 2008-01-25
Faurisson, R. New Police Raid at My House English 2008-11-13
Weber, M. Le Pen's Notorious 'Detail' Remark About World War II English 2002-10-01
Schleiter, Y. Für Professor Faurisson: Polizeigewahrsam und Hausdurchsuchung German 2008-01-25
Schleiter, Y. In the XVIIth Chamber of the Paris Correctional Court, the CRIF and Yahweh against Professor Robert Faurisson English 2006-07-12
Garaudy, R. The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics English 2000-01-01
Faurisson, R. Preface to Heresy in Twenty-First Century France English 2002-04-10
CODOH News Garaudy fined $40,000 in France, ThoughtCrime: 02/27/98 English 1998-02-27
Reynouard, V. Persecution in France for "The Waffen-SS: Innocent at Oradour" English 2004-01-07
Aitken, J. The French anti-revisionist law English 2006-01-01
Thion, S. Abolir la loi Gayssot French 1996-01-07
Smith, B. Poetic Justice (Bernard Lewis) English 1995-08-01
Smith, B. French Communist Intellectual Prosecuted Because of Revisionist Writings English 1996-05-01
Smith, B. Faurisson Trial Suspended, French Historian’s Denial of Gas Chamber Evidence Stuns Prosecutors English
Smith, B. SR Bullet-in-Briefs English 1997-02-01
Smith, B. Worldscope on Revisionism and Revisionists English 1997-10-01
Smith, B. French Trial Unleashes Mideast Revolt against Holocaust Cult English 1998-02-01
Widmann, R. Internet Roundup 1998, Garaudy Case Awakens Arabs English 1998-02-01
Smith, B. Roger Garaudy Convicted of “Revisionism,” Fined $40,000 English 1998-03-01
Hernández, R. Gerhard Ittner: When Revisionists Are Called Terrorists, Persecution and Prosecution of Revisionists English 2015-11-03
Smith, B. Worldscope English 1999-06-01
Merlin, D. Forbidden to Laugh English 2015-11-11
Faurisson, R. For Vincent Reynouard English 2012-05-26
Schleiter, Y. News from France English 2014-01-26
Merlin, D. Letter to PEN English 2015-02-12
Chabloz, A. An English Revisionist in Paris English 2016-03-18
Scott, H. Robert Faurisson in "The Trial of the Century", Translated from a Report in French by Joseph Navratil English 2016-03-20
Chabloz, A. Faurisson risks jail for 60-word summary of his research during Tehran conference English 2016-06-26
Reynouard, V. Warning to the Jews About their Alleged Holocaust (Part 1) English 2017-08-25
Olodogma Legge antirevisionista Gayssot ? Mettersi il preservativo per parlare di Olocausto ebraico! Italian 2013-10-14
Olodogma Paul-Eric Blanrue e Alan Soral...ingiuriosi...negazionisti... odiatori razziali...per sentenza! Italian 2013-11-18
Olodogma L'ebreo cohen jacob la quenelle per François Hollande, Manuels Valls Italian 2018-02-11
Olodogma sartre jean paul sulla libertà di espressione degli "antisemiti" Italian 2014-02-06
Olodogma I bugiardi della shoah, quando la "memoria" fa cilecca... Italian 2014-03-24